Mac OS X version

see later reply for newer version

I know this is Windows only software, this post is NOT about requesting a Macintosh version.
I also don't know if this is the right forum to put this in...

I made a quick and dirty Mac port of version 2.43 for someone else using Wine... all bundled up looking and working just like a native Mac app.

I'm not posting a download link because I don't think its within the rules of the forum... but I can if people want it... its not supported in any way shape or form by anyone, and its barely been tested, so I do not know if everything works in it....

Another way people can get it to work on Macs if they want it, is using Opensource Wine (darwine on Macs), or using Crossover by Codeweavers, but thats not a free option (but is is better).

I have run it in Crossover Mac 8.0 and it seemed to work just fine, just like it was on Windows, but I made the bundled up Mac stand alone version, cuz its fun and easier than running through Crossover...

I don't know if the maker knows much about making Wine ports so the Windows version can be made into quick Mac, Linux, BSD, etc... versions without having to re-code stuff, but might be something to look into....

My main point for this post though....
I think it could be a good idea to at least put on the downloads page that people that want to run on Macs or Linux may want to check out using Crossover (, since its listed in their database as a working application.

Mp3tag works under Wine without changing anything, so I'm wondering what's necessary to make it running under Mac OSX?

Posting a link to a modified version of Mp3tag is not only not within the rules of the forum but also a violation of Mp3tag's license.

nothing is changed.. it runs under wine the same in OSX as Linux.

making a wine port of mp3tag is not modifying the software at all.. its the normal downloaded windows version .exe running, my wrapper is nothing more than a you double click that launches in included Wine and uses Wine to run the windows version of mp3tag... shouldnt be anything in the license about having to run it only in Windows and not on Wine... its just easier wrapped up in a single mac .app file that looks and acts like a Mac app but isnt really... so the user doesnt have to even know its using Wine

I updated this...

currently has 2.48 in it and made with Wineskin 2.0 (actually 2.0.1beta2, but no different in how its made than 2.0)

Seems to work just fine for me... normal Mac app... just kinda big since it needs everything to make the Windows version run.

yall can actually use Wineskin to make an official version for Macs if you wanted to... works super easy, I made this one in only a few minutes... have it up on Mediafire below if anyone wants to check it out.

I DON'T KNOW how you did it BUT THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH I have been searching to run mp3tag ALL MY LIFE on Mac OS !!! It really help a lot !
Sorry for the capitals, but i yelled when i could use all the fonctions ...
Could you post a tutorial to use Wine if possible ?
THanks thanks thanks, in fact I'm french, so my english is not really good when i'm excited !!
Thanks again !! I Save the file on a server loool

tnx a lot for this "Mac OS X app" it works nice! When wil the 2.49 update availeble?

Is there an option to create a native application for OSX? Id be very excited!