Make Esc key equal to clicking "NO"

Currently [depending on your settings], if you copy and try to paste tags from a file to file, you will end up with a pop up window asking you to confirm or cancel the operation

I would also like to be able in that situation to press Esc, instead of only having to rely on the NO button. Sometimes I just know I did not do what I wanted [i.e. I know that I make a mistake] and kind of automatically quickly go for the Esc key- just to be remained, that in Mp3tag this does not work for cancelling


Have a look at this page that shows which pre-defined message boxes and keys there are.

Usually, the Escape key is mapped to the "Cancel" button.
Which means that first of all you would have to return a non-standard value (the one for No instead of Cancel) and secondly, i think that it is not quite the same:
No means that you do not want the option. Cancel means that you want to return to the previous action to retry or modify - the type of the message box suggests that this is not the case for this context.
It could be an option to modify the message box type to one with OK and Cancel - but violating the standard key assignment would be a bad idea IMHO.

As always, something "controversial" could be added as an option, that would have to be turned on in the setting by each user individually

I doubt that the violation of a windows standard is really an option.

So... by for example using a free software like 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and selecting in it "Hide the start button" option, thus saving a lot of horizontal space when using a vertical Taskbar in Windows 7, I... violate the laws of Matrix?

I wish we could stick to MP3tag.
But probably in this case it is not feasible.
Because with such an option, the standard message box with "yes" and "no" will behave in one way in MP3tag and in a different way in other applications if your suggestion becomes a feature. It makes things much more complicated than necessary, IMHO.
That is why I had to refer diffusely to "other applications" and could not stay within the confines of MP3tag.

In for example [bear with me please...] filemanager FreeCommander when the user presses CTRL+F7 a pop-up windows appears for the purpose of writing a name of a folder that is to be created. The user can then choose to OK or Cancel this with a button - or the user can also press Esc for cancellation. And this is very convenient and logical

And at the same time in Windows Explorer when the user is at the step of writing the name of a new folder that is to be created the user also can press Esc - but it will not cancel the creation of that brand new folder but instead work just like Enter i.e. accept the written name. And IMHO this is illogical. And also this is inconsistent with how Windows works in regards to creation process of a new Shortcut [LNK file] when using the Shortcut entry available at in shell sub-menu "New" - because there the Esc means canceling and not accepting

Thus I still think my suggestion is user friendly, logical and reasonable - and my latest argument / example show that even the operating system of Microsoft cannot decide on how to treat pressing of the Esc

You may notice that the WE immediatly creates an object with the name "new folder". You may then rename that folder. If you press Esc while editing the name, the WE returns to the previous name. This means that you do not cancel the creation of the folder but you cancel the editing of the name.
I do not see anything unlogical here.

Explorer also creates New Shortcut.LNK file - but deletes it if the user cancels this whole operation of

Shell Menu > New > Shortcut

So Windows is inconsistent in its behavior. [I would prefer if the ``Esc`` in Windows Explorer would also delete a new folder that is being created]

And I really really do no understand why having the ability to press Esc asides from No / Cancel is some kind of computer heresy - and how it would not be beneficial to that particular situation from my initial post. I must be then a hard core heretic if the various pieces o software that I use acknowledge the Esc as one of the ways for cancelling for some tasks

Sorry, I am lost. If you refer to the functions in the explorer context menu, then I do not see any way to get rid of a lnk file when I press ´Esc´.
If I look at way that the Explorer function menu File>New>Link works, then I see that something called "assistant" opens and I can set a number of parameters. The assistant can be interrupted with Esc or Cancel.
If I do the same in the explorer file list context menu of an existing object then I get immediately a lnk file with the name of the source file plus an added string "link". I cannot get rid of this file by pressing Esc.
So to get back to the point of the original request: apparently, there is no guarantee that Esc always means "rollback". It is always up to the context and the application what can be interrupted or be undone.
And I bet that you will see this behaviour in loads of contexts and applications.

Yes, that is what I am referring too

Shell Menu > New > Shortcut > Esc

It closes the window in which the user is suppose to give the path [and later on the name of the shortcut], thus of LNk file. And during this process New Shortcut.LNK temporary file already sits in the folder`


I am simply advocating for the Mp3tag to be one of those programs utilizing the Esc. And to be precise: in this particular task of pasting tags, the Esc would not rollback to previous tags but simply prevent the task from being performed - just like when No is clicked

I just wanted to chime in and wanted to address the initial suggestion:

This is usually not the standard behavior on message boxes that offer a Yes and No option. The Esc key is only supported on message boxes that have a Cancel button. There exist dialogs in Windows and other programs that show Yes and No and support the Esc key, but those are not message boxes.

I did some research and it seems like TaskDialogIndirect supports that via the TDF_ALLOW_DIALOG_CANCELLATION flag. However, I'm not really satisfied with the looks of it — it takes away much of the simplicity of the message box.

The easiest would just be if you could press the n keyboard mnemonic in those cases (or the equivalent mnemonic for the No button on your system).

An alternative would be to change the buttons to OK and Cancel — it's not my favorite, though, as the dialog message is clearly a Yes and No question. I'll keep you posted.

I've changed this with Mp3tag v3.05d.

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Thank you. I have tested it and it works as I wished for it to work

The canceling function of Esc key will be from now on used be my most frequently in Mp3tag- because that is how badly the lack of it affected my workflow till now

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