Make tag fields readable by Windows Explorer

Great!! thank you very much!

A question, maybe you can give me an answer.
I often find it difficult to get the TAG data to be read by windows explorer. I'm not talking about common tags (name, artist, etc.)
I wish I could have more TAGs writable in Mp3Tag and readable with windows explorer.
Currently I use the Composer field to put the date (November 28, 2020) but I would like to use many of the DATA fields available but I cannot find a feasible relationship.


secondo voi sono giuste queste mie impostazioni di lettura, scrittura dei tag ID3?

I see that you write V2.4 tags ...
See this thread on V2.4 and WIndows Explorer:

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now I also write in the comments field.
What other fields are enabled in explorer?

so right settings?


I would never write APE tags (see Options Ape, Mpc...) but write V1 tags (just as a precaution).

The basic explorer setting shows the basic fields. You can customize the appearance of each folder by setting its type to "Music". And then you can add further columns.
IMHO it is not really worth it as WE does not show the same amount of tag data for all formats of audio files. WAV and FLAC are treated like orphans.
If you want to have a decent player that also shows a lot of metadata and is customizable, use Foobar.

If you are after the contents of DATE to be shown - then I think it is hard luck as DATE is a user-defined field anyway and Windows Explorer does not support user-defined fields - on the contrary: it deletes user-defined fields if data in other supported fields gets edited.

so right settings?

I needed to manage in WExplorer, for writing Mp3Tag does its duty.

Probably yes for most use cases.
Anyway: these settings do not govern the display of fields in Windows Explorer.
As Windows Explorer misses out so many fields and has so few functions to manage a collection, you will have to make a lot of compromises.

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where can I find a list of usable fields in WE and Mp3Tag?

MP3tag is not the important part here. The question is: which tag fields does the Windows Explorer support (and then most likely, MP3tag will be able to fill them).
But a quick internet search did not lead to success: apparently there is no list of id3 fields available that are supported by WE.
So you could be the first to boldly list what no one has listed before.
Or go the same way as apparently most other folks went: take WE's features to display tag data as it is but look no further.

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Yes, I understand your advice, strange that there is no tag table in WE since it is still full of tag fields (but then I can't write them what do I need? For nothing) ...

I think no one has ever compiled a list with all ID3 tag fields visible in windows (10) file explorer. Not for ID3v2.3 nor the new supported ID3v2.4.

Even if you find out which one should be supported (in one way or another) it's still tricky to match them to all the available column names in WE.

And if you would find all the matching names, I'm pretty sure you can only directly edit/write very few of them in WE.

Therefore I add my "+1" to @ohrenkino 's suggestion: