Manage history of Filter has auto-selection applied in its column for check-boxes

It seems that Manage history... window of the Filter has some kind of auto-selection option applied to its check-boxes. Every time I select or deselect a checkbox, a whole row gets highlighted and added to selection- as if I was holding CTRL when using the Left Mouse Button. This however does not happen if I click on the entries in the column named Filter

This bug is present in x64 versions 3.15b and 3.16

I can replicate this.

The "whole row" that gets highlighted is in the Manage History window. Once any row is highlighted, it is affected by the check/uncheck function. So if several rows get highlighted, all will be affected to enable or disable them in the filter list.

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v3.16a. Thanks for reporting!

Fix confirmed

Thank you