Manually entered tags not in mp3tag

Hello, I manually changed tags in my mp3's by right mouse click properties and then adjusting the year-tag. But that year tag is not shown when I open this mp3 file in mp3tag. How is this possible?

You did this in the Windows File Explorer?

Please press ALT + T on this track and show us a screenshot from the appearing extended tag window.

Which tag version do you read and write?
See File>Options>Tags>Mpeg for the settings and the dialogue title of the mentioned dialogue for the list of present tag versions.

yes indeed I did this in the windows file explorer. Is this incorrect?

The windows explorer is no tagging program.
Please show us the other requested information.

ID3V1 and ID3V2 for read, store and remove

to show which tag versions are in the file.

do you mean this print screen with Alt T?

In principle: yes.
Is this one of the files that you treated with WE?
Because that looks like the WE did not write anything to the file.

yes that what it looks like, but in windows you do see tags

sometimes the WE writes tag data in priv frames which are not supported by MP3tag.
Could you enter the following filter
%_id3v2_unknown_frames% PRESENT
and see if any of the previously tagged files with WE appear?
You could add a column with
Value: %_id3v2_unknown_frames%
and see which frame is not supported by MP3tag.

where can I enter a filter? I can choose a dedicated filter but I do not see a field where I can enter your code?

Press F3 a couple of times to see what appears then.
That is the area to enter a filter.

I can select a dedicated filter but not enter your code??

I added a column, but is it blanc

Enter the filter where it says "Filter:"

There where 2 steps, right?

  1. apply the filter
  2. check the column which frame would be the unknown one.

Of yourse, that order is not mandatory.
But - you can sort by the column for unknown frames just like any other column. So try ascending or descending to see which files have unknown frames.
If there is nothing in the column, it would also help if you could show us the column definition.

Also, occasionally, it may help to have a look at the documentation:

Ok I will read the documentation. I will logout now, thank you for your time!