Matroska mapping

Thanks for finally having Mp3tag support Matroska files. Matroska is quite a powerful and flexible container, thus a fitting addition to Mp3tag.

My question is, what "text" should I input into the "Options > Tags > Mapping" for Matroska? This is the place where after a fresh installation, there are 3 items there, which are all of "VorbisComment".

I want to map some Matroska tags but I had no luck. I tried inputting "Matroska", "MKV", and "MKA", but no luck, it just constantly reverts to "ID3v2". Thanks in advance.

It's not possible to change the mapping for Matroska (yet). I'd need to add the different levels of Matroska tags to the mapping description, which also isn't possible yet.

Can you describe the mapping you're trying to add? Maybe it's something which makes sense as a default.

I just want to link Mp3tag's WWW to Matroska's URL tag. Which I think are the direct coounterpart of each other? Thanks and more power.