Milka's exports updated


Music collection overview with sorting and details popup from milka.

Place two jpg pictures in your mp3 album folder (cover.jpg & cover2.jpg) and test my html_milka_album_overview.mte,
you will like it 100% ! ! !

Preview is not updated!

Link for downloads: Topic

Thanks to: nickless & dano for style idea.

Florian please write comment.
Other comments are welcome to...
Sorry for bad english.


Hi milka,

thanks again for two nice export configurations :slight_smile: I really like the album cover preview in the overview!

Please tell me, if this is the final version, so I can put it to the Export Configuration Archive.

Best regards,
~ Florian

P.S.: I've removed the CAPS from the topics' title, because this is considered as shouting :slight_smile:


Yes this is the final version, you can put it.
Thanks, you're the best.


why does it look like that???


I don't understand what you mean???


sorry for that, if i export every cd is under a new topic and it's not counted togehter under one topic ... i hope u understand what i mean


I dont know, I'll check and reply to you in a few days.


Sorry but I cant help you. I dont know, on my computer it works ok.
Maybe you change the source accidentaly, download html_milka_album_list.mte again and then try.


i found my mistake,
my mistake was that i took each album and exported it an said "daten anhängen"... now it works corectly thank u


The option Daten anhängen is Append data in the english version :slight_smile:


danke für die übersetzung :wink:


I have download the file and place it in the "Export"-folder, but if i try to use it, the program do not show it in the export-types-list.

Have I do somethin' wrong? Off course, i have restarted the program (not my PC).


Please press [WIN+R], enter %appdata%\Mp3tag\export and copy the export configuration to this folder (or navigate manually to the folder mentioned at Options, Export).


Hi, Florian

I am makeing help (hlp) file for my mte's, but as you figure my english is very bad,
so if you have some free time and if you want to help me I would be very
grateful if you check and correct my english grammar in
'milka's complete mp3 overview.doc' . Attachment 176 not found.



Hi milka!

Thanks for keeping us updated! Since I have very little time to read and correct your help file, I want to ask one of the users of your export configurations to read the document and propose some suggestions to improve it.

~ Florian


Nice, but most of the Peoples i know about, do not use cover.jpg
Try using "FRONT".jpg and 2nd priority folder.jpg 3rd cover.jpg

Greets from Mountain High


Thanks for the advice but cover.jpg and cover2.jpg is just an example,
I am using it and to me it's ok and the best solution.
You can change code how ever you want, or like.



I've fixed the errors for opera. Have fun with your configuration :slight_smile:


  • Don't use the same id for multiple objects, function "SetColorTheme" search for each id and changes the colors of it (opera), so only first object is changed.
  • The same happens for each link 3 times: when color theme is changed, onMouseOver and onMouseOut, so each link should have his own id and onMouseOver+onMouseOut events with numbers of table and link as parameters
  • ids are named like "name_" + i , where i is a number from 0 to n, all numbers between 0 and n should be there.


html_milka_album_overview_new.mte (55.2 KB)


Thanks :smiley:


I'll add your theme to my configuration :stuck_out_tongue: