Mismatch on flac - MediaMonkey vs MP3TAG

There appears to be a mismatch between how MediaMonkey and MP3TAG handle custom fields on flac and mp3 files. Maybe others also, but I have only tested flac and mp3.

I don't know if this is actually a bug, or if it is, who owns it, so I'm posting this in both MediaMonkey and MP3TAG forums.

In MediaMonkey, the "real name" of the first custom field (for all files, apparently - both mp3 and flac) is SONGS-DB_CUSTOM1. This appears in MP3TAG as an extended field - COMMENT SONGS-DB_CUSTOM1.

In MP3TAG, the same field for a flac file appears as an extended filed with just CUSTOM1.

I have no idea which is "correct," if either. I just want the applications to work together - which means that when I set the field in MP3TAG I would like the same value to appear in MediaMonkey. Of course, I can put both values in the MP3TAG panel, and remember to set both, or set the correct one depending on which type of file I'm looking at. But I use several custom fields to help organize my music, and doing this all of the time would be a hassle.



MM does not use the same kind of custom fields for these file formats so this is not a bug.

But you can configure Mp3tag to show both fields with the same name in the program.

At Tools > Options > Tags > Mapping add


Now for both mp3 and flac you can use the name Custom1 in Mp3tag.

There apparently really are two different fields - in two different locations.

Does this mapping mean that a single update in mp3tab updates both fields??

A single update in MediaMonkey shows in both places??



It does not write two fields to one file but the "right" field to each file.

No, only in Custom1.
You have now one field in Mp3tag that works for both audio formats.

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