Missing Basic Tag Data + Error

i see just a few tracks are missing basic info - duration, bit rate, frequency,

but 1. see no way to add them

  1. also i see in fie properties, it says error pasrsing id3.2.3 MP3 error Parse error

but i checked all the tags, but i can see no reason for error - but of course maybe the error is in the MISSING fields

what to do?

btw, the tracks work fine

Usually, such error messages do not appear because the program is in the mood to do so.
Please have a look at the linked topic and check the files first:

hmm. i have MP3 Diags around somewhere ...

well, i managed to find a Windows install of this. previously all the talk about 'binaries' made me dizzy.

tested on sample of files.

looks really really good,
but i had a 'partial' fatal error trying to actually fix.
so i have logged that fault with them

I think you should also investigate the source for our problematic files.
Which of the programs along your workflow caused the corrupt files?

can't tell .. over past month i have massaged them with several different app ... MP3Tag, MP3Gain, etc ....

but is only about 40 out of 5,000

but i just don't understand why it doesn't find/have those basic values

if i can get MP3 Diags working, that would be great because it looks like a really great app

If MP3tag cannot display that what you call

then the file is damaged.
If you cannot get MP3diags to run (which is nothing to be discussed in this forum) then get the safety copy of the file or try the source from whereever you got the file again and see if that file is better.
The information about the audio part of a file is written earlier during the creation process of the file. And if that failed to comply with the standard, then the file is damaged - and adding tags then would probably lead to even more damage.
So repair is the first priority.

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These are technical values for the file, not user-defined tags. They are generally written by the software the has ripped or converted the audio file. When they are missing, it is usually a pretty good sign that there is some corruption, at least in the file header.

Some players can ignore this and play the stream, others result in an error and the track gets skipped from playing. In some cases the files can be repaired, possibly with some remaining lesser errors or audio hiccups. I have found in most cases the best solution is to re-rip that disc, or download the track from the original online source. I also keep a couple of secured backup drives that are usually not connected other than for updating, just in case something happens to files that are not easily replaced.


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