Missing covers/artworks in Preview/apps


I've been using Mp3TAG for a while on Mac using CrossOver - to run Win version.
No problems at all.
Recently bough and installed Mac version and having some issues with covers/artworks.
Files edited on the lates Mac version show saved covers/artworks in the Mp3TAG but not in preview of the file on Big Sur.
Also what is interesting do not appear in the car app.
The issue is only with files/tags edited in the Mac version - no problems with older files edited in Windows version run on Mac via CrossOver.

Would appreciate some help as it's somehow annoying.
Cannot also run Windows version on Mac anymore - does not work on BigSur

What kind of files are these? MP3? WAV? Flac? MP4?
If you have a column that shows as value %_covers% - are there any empty ones?


Thanks for the prompt reply.

It's all about MP3 files and only.

What do you mean by column %-covers%?
Do you mean cover column in Mp3TAG? There is no empty ones - every single mp3 files has cover attached.
But when in finder there is no preview - and it's only on mp3 files edited with latest Mp3TAG for Mac.
Never had this problems with Windows version.

Also as I am ripping the CDs mainly to export it to memory stick to listen in my car - covers added in latest Mac version Mp3TAG do not appear.

As you know the Windows version - there are a number of threads that deal with the lack of cover display in cars and other players.
e.g. here:

I think that the Mac is clever enough to show covers if they are there. So it would be nice if you could make really sure that the pictures are really embedded.

I do know Windows version - unfortunately I cannot run it on my Mac anymore.

What interesting in regards the covers not showing in the car I do not have the problems with files edited with Windows version.
It works and worked with every single car radio display on my iDrive (BMW OEM audio system).
But for some reason does not with every single file edited with Mac version of Mp3TAG.
What interesting not all files have this issue - it's like National Lottery.
In Mac's Finder (Mac running Big Sur) no covers are shown on files edited with lates Mac version of Mp3TAG.

Here you have screen shots with Mp3TAG and Finder view.

Thank you for the dumps.
Where did you get the files and pictures?
There have been issues with players that do not like jpg files in progressive format.
So it could be worth a try to transform the covers with an external program to png and back to jpg andn then embed them and see whether that help.s