cover art no show in car radio

Why is it that on my car radio (Pioneer AVH-X4800BS) not all cover art shows on the display. some do and some don't, I've tried everything from resizing the image to replacing the cover art within the file. is there a way to fix this and how can it be done. Thanks

It would no be interesting to find the differences between the files that work and those that don't.
Is the type the same (e.g. jpg, png)?
Are the dimensions different?
Is the actual size different (some players cannot cope with more than 200k)
Which tag versions are in the files (id3v1, id3v2 and/or APE)?
where are the files stored? In separate folders? if so, are there folders with picture files and others without?

Maybe the metadata in the embedded images is not acceptable to the player.
Ford SYNC2 to SYNC3

Has this been solved? I am having same issues with an AVH-2500.

It could be that the player cannot cope with pictures in progressive mode.
Have a look those pictures that work and those that don't. If they differ in that respect, then you would need a dedicated graphics tool to transform pictures from progressive to baseline.


If progressive JPEG mode is the reason for failure (as in this case), you could right-click on the cover image in Mp3tag (since version 3.01), select Adjust cover ... and choose JPEG for Format in the modal window popping up then. It probably will do nothing since the image is already in JPEG format, but it is worth a try nevertheless. This is also available as an Action (since version 3.00).

Just FYI:
Using .jpg's on Renault's MediNav is a sad hit-n'-miss... :neutral_face:
Max 85% of images (covers) are working correctly regardless of how I save them.
Just annoying!

But if batch convert to .png the rate goes up to +99%!

All covers are 600x600 and optional icons are 300x300 (I know, icons are BIG!).

Which is another indication that the progressive format may lead to the hickups.
(What about the 1% that does not work?)
A file format conversion probably uses the default setting of the converter which may be the baseline format, not the progressive.

Resized/converted all with "Light Image Resizer" from .jpg (collected and added to mp3's for a long time...)
The failing <1% is probably sizing and/or scaling issue, no biggie, just gonna DL new pics and replace old ones.
So from my point of view, .png did the trick! :smiley:

Quick final words:
Replaced failing pictures with fresh ones, converted to .png and now got 100% working 'cover' images in Renault Media Nav! :smiley:
Thanks all Mp3tag dev's!

Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art > MusicBrainz downloads artwork with Baseline encoding. Others may download Progressive encoding which does not show up until you open and then save the art work in an external picture viewing software.

So just use Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art > MusicBrainz for the win.