MISSING "popularimeter" and "rating"

when setting up ratings columns, only id3 types for files rated with text strings for winamp, wmp, and mm are offered.

nothing for vorbis, ("rating") and nothing for id3 using a different txt string than the default for just those 3 apps. (in winamp, u can use your own email, it doesn't have to be "rating@winamp.com")

why were these removed? popularimeter used to be in there. its still supported thankfully if you add in the column manually and you know the values, but it used to be something you could click into via "extended" and "information" fields.

EDIT: and nothing for the rate atom either.

this relates to my other bug:


start at post 4.

I've added POPULARIMETER and RATING to the list of standard fields with Mp3tag v3.06f.

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