MKV issue when adding film art


ive been trying add cover art to my video files, i know this is music app, but its been working with some video files however it dont save to all mkvs and some other formats. some work and some dont all i want to do is add album art so i dont see the video clip i see the movie poster for the film.

see here:

yeah i was trying to do the same with my mkv, and other mp4 however not all would let me add a cover and its quite frustrating. any solutions to this?

Could you be a little more specific in respect to which files would let you and which don't?
You know by now that mkv does not work, mp4 has been working for a long time.

How do we get the mkv to work. As many files are in mkv format as it's one of the most popular

I am not quite sure how a statement by the developer that it is currently not possible to add covers to files in the mkv format could be misunderstood.

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Hi, I do understand that however I did manage to do the odd couple with the software, I mean mkv is a popular source, I guess I'll have to convert to mp4 to add covers . Thank you

Or try some other software, like this:

Mp3tag v3.06e adds support for editing cover art with Matroska MKA/MKV.

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