Modern way to restore Mp3tag context menu

I know that recent version of Mp3tag supports Windows 11's context menu, but I use third-party shell(StartAllBack) and somehow, Mp3tag's context menu is gone. I think it is because of some 'customisation' I do, but I don't get what exactly caused Mp3tag's context menu missing. I don't remove such things in my customisation.

After looking into Mp3tag's installation directory(C:\Program Files\Mp3tag), I found Mp3tagShell.msix file. Inside of that file, I found these lines that related to context menu in AppxManifest.xml.

<desktop4:Extension Category="windows.fileExplorerContextMenus">
	<desktop5:ItemType Type="Directory">
	  <desktop5:Verb Id="Mp3tagShell" Clsid="6351E20C-35FA-4BE3-98FB-4CABF1363E12" />
	<desktop5:ItemType Type="Directory\Background">
	  <desktop5:Verb Id="Mp3tagShell" Clsid="6351E20C-35FA-4BE3-98FB-4CABF1363E12" />
	<desktop5:ItemType Type="*">
	  <desktop5:Verb Id="Mp3tagShell" Clsid="6351E20C-35FA-4BE3-98FB-4CABF1363E12" />
<com:Extension Category="windows.comServer">
	<com:SurrogateServer  DisplayName="Mp3tag Explorer Shell Extension">
	  <com:Class Id="6351E20C-35FA-4BE3-98FB-4CABF1363E12" Path="Mp3tagShell.dll" ThreadingModel="STA"/>

I want to re-create context menu with this information. Most of Google search was just re-creating small portion of that context menu, like 'just for .mp3 file'.

Any help would be appreciated. It seems Mp3tag context menu only appears when right-clicking directory(Directory), right-clicking background of directory(Directory\Background), right-clicking file(*).

Also, what does Mp3tagShell.dll do? If it is ok to just open directory/file with Mp3tag.exe?

have you tried the solution from this thread?

This worked for me, also Win 11 and also with a third party shell installed:

Using regsvr32 "path\to\Mp3tagShell.dll" worked. I should search more carefully...

Thanks a lot!

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