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Hi guys,
I was wondering if there was a way to edit or add an iTunes album catalog ID to an album.
On mp3tag you can add the iTunes individual song ID but not the album ID as well. For me if the album url/id isn't there when you press 'show in iTunes store' for the full album it may not be able to find the corresponding one in the iTunes store.

For example when u right click an album and hover over the 'Share Album' you get this and if there isn't an iTunes album ID value you wont be able to copy or get embed. But if there is if u click 'Copy Link' u get a URL and if you click 'Copy Embed Code' you can see something like this

Essentially i'm trying to edit that album src url if its wrong or add it if its not there. Do you know if this is possible with mp3tag? If not, how would I go about editing the iframe? Thank You!

MP3tag will only be able to edit fields that are actually stored in the files and are not some kind of private fields.
iTunes occasionally stores data only in its database, then MP3tag will not be able to edit that data.
The basic procedure is to investigate whether the data can be edited by MP3tag goes like this:
get a track in iTunes of which you know that it has the album id.
Drag it into MP3tag.
Open the extended tags dialogue
Go through the list of fields and see if you recognize a field that looks like that album id.
If that field can be found, the data can be treated like any other field.
If you don't see that field then the reason could be one of the above.

Ah I understand thank you.

*Edit looked up the tag name like how cnID = iTunes Store Catalog ID, I think the album is in the file as well called the plID = playlist ID. It just MP3Tag cant change this one I don't think

see here for supported fields:

at least I find
ITUNESCATALOGID cnID iTunes Store Catalog ID

The question remains: does iTunes store this data in the files or just its local database....

Indeed. Well thanks for the help!
Solved with AtomicParsley Shield Fork on command line/terminal in case anyone wanted to know for future reference

Hi Zaq, how we’re you able to modify the album ID with AtomicParsley? I’m having difficulties on figuring out this one problem that bugs me. I’m editing songs on mac btw.

Ah same, so essentially the regular AtomicParsley can't edit the plID (AlbumID), but someone made a fork of it which lets you edit that field and thats what I used.

You can download it here: X or I also uploaded it here to make it easier X
Then just go to terminal and navigate to that directory you put it in.

Then to edit the plID u can do:
./AtomicParsley /path/to.m4a --plID "number"

Or mass edit a lot of files
for f in /path/to.m4a_directory/*m4a; do ./AtomicParsley "${f}" --plID "number"; done;

The ./AtomicParsely part is just the name of the Atomic Parsely file you downloaded, if you change the name you would just change this to that keeping the ./

"number" is just the plID number so you would do "283847477" or something w/e the itunes store album number is

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Hey Zeal, it’s me again.
I think I’m having trouble getting the AtomicParsley command right. What I did was, go to Terminal like you said, I typed the directory first and then the ./AtomicParsley command and the file song. It just keeps giving me error and I read the instructions closely and repeatedly. Did I do something wrong?

Oh the syntax is just a little off, try this

./AtomicParsley /Users/Username/Desktop/01\ Give\ You\ Away.m4a --plID "894102325"

This middle part is just the directory to the file^ u can just drag and drop the file into the terminal to get it

If you don't feel like doing it one by one, put all the files on your desktop or w/e folder and do this.

for f in /Users/Username/Desktop/*m4a; do ./AtomicParsley "${f}" --plID "894102325"; done;

@zaqwsxcd123 You’re a lifesaver! The script worked and iTunes is recognizing my song now.

This is how I did it:
I just simply drag & drop the AtomicParsley script to Terminal, and I did the same thing with the song after the Script, and fill in the command —plID “[AlbumID]” on the end, and it started writing. After the process, it was saved automatically on the same folder where I downloaded my album. I’m not sure if the method could be done the same thing for Windows but I did it on macOS Mojave 10.14.4. Sadly, I can’t select all at once but I have to do it one at a time. I hope future updates of Mp3Tag would be able to add/edit more hidden iTunes tags like apID (set account name), plID (iTunesPlaylistID), geID (iTunesGenreID), xID (Vendor-supplied iTunes), & many more. So that way it would make the job easier.


Thanks for helping me solve this issue.

No problem, glad it worked.

If you wanna do more than one you just gotta put all the songs in a folder like your downloads

for f in /Users/Username/Downloads/*m4a; do ./AtomicParsley "${f}" --plID "894102325"; done;

the *m4a is just saying you wanna edit all the m4a files in that path rather than a specific song

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@zaqwsxcd123 @QualiTEAMusiq do you mind re-uploading the shield fork? I cant find it anywhere else and the previous link is not working anymore.

Yea no problem, here you go. X

Thank you very much! It'll make my work easier than editing individual files on a hex editor.

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hello. I know that this is old af but can u please reupload shield's fork?
did you find any other way to do modify the plID?
@ zaqwsxcd123
Edit: I found it but the loop you gave doesn't work for me. It returns: f was unexpected. am using windows btw

@louaizema I have a copy of the script here. As I still have copy of this, I no longer use this script as I moved on to a new software that makes my work easier called Kid3.

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yep just found out about that software too. I wish there was a way to do this automatically tho. It's such a hassle. Thanks for answering

Sorry, I'm just seeing this, but it looks like Quali posted it for you. Yea the script is still pretty manual, Kid3 looks interesting though.

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This is now possible via ITUNESALBUMID with Mp3tag v3.06b.


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