Mood tag conflict between MusicBee and Mp3Tag

Hello all, I'm having a very strange and frustrating problem with MB and Mp3Tag disagreeing over how to handle the MOOD tag. Please see attached photos.

  1. If I write a value (in this case, "testing") to the MOOD field in MB's Tags (2) tab, it shows up in the tag inspector in the MOOD --> TXXX/MOOD row, and also shows up in Mp3Tag's MOOD field. I can then make an auto-playlist to pick songs whose MOOD matches the value, and all is well. (Pic #1)

Pic 1:

BUT it does not work the other way around!

  1. If I write a value (in this case, "test") to the MOOD field in Mp3tag, it shows up in MB's tag inspector as mentioned above, but the MOOD field in the Tags (2) tab retains the previous value (or remains blank if it was blank to begin with). (Pic #2)

Pic 2:

Mp3Tag is set to only save ID3v2 tags and strip any others; MB is set to save them as ID3v2.3.
I prefer to use Mp3Tag to manage my metadata, so is there some kind of field mapping trick to get MB's Mood field to pick up what's written in Mp3Tag's Mood field?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

AFAIK MOOD is a V2.4 tag field.
It translates to a user-defined field for V2.3 - which you see as TXXX/MOOD.
I don't know what your other program does.

What I also noticed: apparently you are using MP3tag 3.16 - meanwhile MP3tag has reached 3.18b
So you could check with the new property %_id3v2_unknown_frames% which now reports the unknown/unsupported ID3v2 frame identifiers.
Perhaps that shows something suspicious.

Which ID3v2?
ID3v2.3 or ID3.v2.4?
It looks as if you have set MP3Tag to write ID3v.24 tags.

If Mp3Tag is set to write ID3v2.3 it will write a user defined field as it seems your other program does too. (TXXX).
If MP3Tag is set to writeID3v2.4 it will write an original MOOD field (TMOO).

Thank you for your reply. I have updated Mp3Tag to 3.18. How do I use the %_id3v2_unknown_frames% property?

Like any other field variable.
You can filter for it with
%_id3v2_unknown_frames% PRESENT
or you can look at the contents in a file list column.

I have now updated both programs settings to save ID3v2.4 tags. But I seem to be having a similar problem: now, whether I write a MOOD tag in either program, MB's Tag Inspector shows that MOOD corresponds to TMOO, and yet MB still will not read the Mood I write in Mp3Tag. How is it that they can be writing to the same frame and yet it seems it can only be read in one direction?

Is there some program that can reveal what tags are mapped to what fields?

It's most likely due to MusicBee not reading the updated tag. Can you try removing the file from your library (not the computer) and re-add it. It should then display the updated value.

Hi Florian, I tried this but it is the same. The thing is that MusicBee's Tag Inspector Does see "updated value" as a TMOO frame with the name "MOOD" immediately after populating "MOOD" in Mp3tag, but yet that value is not what is reflected in the field that MusicBee calls Mood. It's very strange, like some sort of alternative universe that only works in one direction :thinking:

I have written to MusicBee's support forum but have not received a response yet. Seems it would be helpful to be able to look "under the hood" at how MB maps what to what.

You can also select any file(s) that need to be updated in MusicBee, then right click and select Send To>File Rescan to have these tags refreshed.

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@lotus1922 Ihave tried a test similar to what you suggested, using a mp3 file. Note I have both programs set to use ID3v2.3 in my case.

I made an edit in MusicBee on the tags(2) page and set the MOOD field to "First test"
Open this file in mp3tag and using the Enhanced Tag editor, confirmed this field was present
Change the field to "Second test mp3tag" and saved the file
Back in MusicBee, check the tags for this file, it still shows "First test"
Right-click the file, select Send To>File Rescan and then checked the tag again, it now shows "Second test mp3tag"

So any changes to fields outside of MusicBee are not automatically updated, and will require a manual refresh to be triggered by the user to get the updates reflected properly.


That's it! I followed what you said and it works beautifully. Thank you so much!

Thank you everyone who responded!

Perfect, glad to hear it is working for you now.
This solution applies to most other player/music managers as well. Anything that uses an internal database to drive the library. Typically there is a simple solution like this, but iTunes requires a little bit more effort.

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