Move "feat. YYY" from Title into Artist, ignore other brackets

Hi all,

I've managed to build a little suite of Actions for various things, but have run into trouble with this one. I'm hoping somebody can help me out. I've looked at other answers, but regular expressions hurt my brain and I can't figure out how to adapt the examples to my needs.

Title: Some song with many words (ft. Some Singer and Some Other Person) (Live) (Remixname Remix)
Artist: Some Main Artist

Title: Some song with many words (Live) (Remixname Remix)
Artist: Some Main Artist & Some Singer & Some Other Person

I have a bunch of songs with some variation of "(feat. [Singer])" in the Title, and I want to move the [Singer] words to the Artist field. However, I only want the [Singer] words, not "feat." or the brackets, and I don't want the contents of brackets that don't start with some variation on "feat.". I can't necessarily assume that "feat." will be in brackets, but if it's not, I can assume that the rest of the Title field after the initial "feat." string is [Singer] words. I'd also like to be able to cope with different variations on "feat." (like "Featured", "ft", "featuring" etc).

Thanks in advance!


see e.g. this thread on how to move "feat":

and if that does not satify you, please use the search function as there are soooo many posts that deal with moving "featuring" around form one tag field to another.