Moved actions can remain stuck to the screen

After upgrading to version 3.03 and after clicking the Actions icon I select any number of actions and start to move them around [thus utilizing a new 3.03 feature]. I get to see then these entries grabbed by the pointer, being drawn in a dark semi transparent way- which is both helpful and nice looking

But what happens if I do not release them but instead of them press Esc key? The selected actions remain on the screen. And I mean on the screen and not in Mp3ta- because minimizing Mp3tag and opening some other software will not remove them. Only closing Mp3tag seems to remove them for good

What a bizzare and funny bug this is

My addition as the OP left out some vital facts (IMHO):
It only happens if you use the mouse.
It only happens if you keep the mouse button pressed while pressing Escape.
It does not happen if you use the keyboard navigation keys.

Fixed with Mp3tag v3.03b. Thanks for pointing!

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