Moving cover art to dedicated folders

I would like to place all my album covers in a folder (cover art) with each in a sub folder (artist) named album (name.extension) is this possible?

Thanks in advance, D.

Once the covers are embedded, create an action of the type "Export cover to file" and set an absolute path in the
Format string: d:\cover art\%artist%\%album%
(the extension depends on the picture type)
If you have several types of embedded covers like front, back, leaflet, I would add the cover type to the
Format string: d:\cover art\%artist%\%album%_%_cover_type%

Thanks for the response. I'm only using front covers, but the script didn't work.

Name: Export cover to file
Path: c:\cover art\%artist%\%album%
Parameter: /ar "%artist%" /al "%album%" /p "%_folderpath%folder.jpg" /t f /mn 500 /mx 3000 /o a- /ac

I would appreciate any further assistance you could provide.

Thanks, D.

Do you really use the newest version of Mp3tag?

I don't see any "Parameter" field in my action "Export cover to file"


This action creates the absolute path C:\cover art if it doesn't yet exist. Then it creates a subdirectory with the name of the artist inside C:\cover art. And inside this artist, it creates an subdirectory with the name of the album.

Be aware that this only works if your artist- and album name doesn't include any forbidden characters like * or ? or / and some more.

I think we both misunderstood each other.
Apparently, you are asking about the program Albumartdownloader and I talk about an action to export already embedded covers.
So, my suggestion: get Albumartdownloader to embed the cover, then save the cover with the action.

Thanks LyricsLover the screen shot was perfect!

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