MP3 files into album will not work!

I have several mp3 files (think like a top 100 list) that I’m trying to group as 1 album. I’ve done everything, but the show up as single files, all with the proper album name, which I’ve defined, but as 100 single files, not grouped together in 1 album. This is the case on both a USB drive, trying to play in car, or on an iPhone. What am I doing wrong?

You have to fill the fields ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM where all tracks for the same album get the same data in ALBUMARTIST (probably a name or a dummy name like "Various Artists") and a name for ALBUM (perhaps TOP 100 1965).
see e.g. here:

The 100 files will still be 100 files, maybe with the "right" tags or maybe with the "wrong" tags. Are you expecting the 100 files to be made into one file? Or perhaps the 100 files moved into one folder with the album name?

I realize they will still be 100 files. Im trying to have them all in one folder, 100 songs as 1 album. You select the folder/album, all 100 songs are in it. You play the 1st, it continues through all other 99 songs.
Currently 100 songs are in there own folders so you have to scroll forever to get to the next album.

I do not think that there is a folder structure

Have you tried to fill the fields?

Artist and Album Artist need to be the same it seems…thanks for all replies

This is not entirely true, e.g. if you have a compilation, the data in the field ALBUMARTIST is the same for all tracks of that compilation but the data in the field ARTIST varies.
To group files as albums the requirement is to have data in ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM at all.

Well they didn’t work for me until I changed it to Album artist and artist. Which isn’t really ideal as you hear a new song and don’t know who the artist is unless it’s in the file name…

The general problem of the display of files in a partcular player is no MP3tag problem but a question of the implementation of the player software. In many cases there is also the problem of updating the information for files that have already been read by the player once.

On a different note: if the name of the artist is in the filename then it could be that you can import this data with the function Converter>Filename-Tag.

It sounds like you are searching by folder, not by Album. Is this the case? If so, and you are expecting the files to be updated into a single folder, that is something different, but mp3tag can easily do that too. There is a distinct difference between an Album tag and an Album folder.

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No not by folder, that search option isn’t available on an iPhone (Apple Music) to the best of my knowledge

The way IOS sorts is by AlbumArtistSort, then AlbumSort. If those tags don’t exist, it defaults to AlbumArtist, and Album. You may want to see if those tags exist and are affecting your sorting problem. But the ArtistSort and Artist tags do not associate the Album unless the AlbumArtist tags do not exist. And even then, I think it groups them all into an “unknown” category which may explain what you are currently seeing.

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I have those tags, even populated them with "Album Name" , does nothing. The only work around is as I stated above.

This makes no sense. If for example the Album Artist is “Various Artists” for all tracks on an Album “Top 100 Singles” that has 100 separate tracks numbered from 1-100, each track can have its own name and individual Artist and still be grouped under the same Album. In some very old versions of iTunes and on IOS, you may need to also include a tag for Compilations set to 1. But this hasn’t been required for a very long time.

I agree, makes no sense. However, it’s how it is. Even not using iTunes, putting on a USB drive, it’s the same. So it’s not an iTunes issue.

Could you show us the extended tags dialogue of one of the files and tell us whether this dialogue is typical for the rest of the files?
I am not quite sure if we understand each other correctly - and if you set the suggestions all into action then everything should be fine or I have not yet grasped what you intend to achieve.