Mp3 flag/bit edit ability

there was a program called "mp3 tag/studio",
it could edit "original, copyright" "yes/no" bit
can this function be added in mp3tag?

Maybe. You can load a mp3 - tagged by "mp3 tag/studio" for "original, copyright" to "yes" - in Mp3tag. Then select this mp3 and press ALT + T to show the extended tags.

You should see the used tag for "original, copyright".
(If you can show us a screenshot from this extended tags window, we can tell you which tag you can use.)

If you use the same tag for your other mp3, you shoud be able to add this tag in Mp3tag too.

unfortunately I can't launch mp3 t/s on my win7 pc, it just won't,
also it was the only known program to have this flag edit ability,
that why I'm asking if it is possible to add it in the mp3tag by devs

edit: btw "original: yes/no" is a flag not a tag, mp3tag can't edit flags yet

Can you please share such a song, to identify this "original: Yes/No" flag?
Maybe you can send a download link for such a song by PM?


It's unfortunately not planned to add support for editing MP3 header flags at the moment.