MP3 reports cannot open file for writing

About two months ago, MP3tag began to refuse the changes I requested for my MP3 files. It instead gave me a message "File D:(whatever)...songtitle...
cannot be opened for writing.

I am using Mp3tag v2.94.

Any ideas on a fix?

What changed 2 months ago?
Who is the owner of the files? (it is not enough to be Administrator)
Are the files OK? See e.g. How to check files for errors?

I don't recall anything unusual. I think I upgraded to a more recent version of MP3tag.
The files seem fine in that they play audio OK.

The Administrator angle is interesting. from time to time I have been getting notices from Windows regarding administrator status.

I see that that the MP3Tag community has recommendations to check for Mp3 file errors. I will try them out and report back.

Thanks for the response, Florian.


Updating MP3tag hardly ever leads to unwritable files.
Files are not necessarily OK if something can be heard.
What happens if you move one of the files ot a completely different folder, e.g. documents? Can you modify the tags there?

I use Mp3Tag to write metadata to the wav files I create from Cubase Pro 12 prior to uploading them to Bandcamp. I also use it to edit the data for work in progress mp3 files that I use to check earlier versions of mix downs.

I have not tried to edit the metadate for a wav file for a while and have updated mp3 tag in the meantime, and have moved from Cubase 9 to 10. I now find I cannot edit wav metadata.

I appreciate the point about checking that Cubase has not somehow created a wav file with the wrong structure, but how can I do this, and if it has, what is the solution. It was the ability to edit metadata for wavs that led me to get mp3Tag (and make a donnation, as it is so useful!).


There is a similar report here:

Yet, if I save the same wav file again with e.g. Nero WaveEditor then I get a taggable file.
So right now I think that some of the hex editor boffins have to look into it.

The easiest way is to rewrite the file (lossless) with a tool defined in MP3tag. I had to use it very often because my favorite recording tool used to create wave-files with a wrong header.

Can you retry those files with Mp3tag v3.14a?