User-defined Tools

General information on user-defined Tools in Mp3tag



General Information on user-defined Tools

User-defined Tools are external applications that can be added via Options > Tools to work directly from Mp3tag's main window via the context-menu of the file view (find more about this feature in the corresponding help topic.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 to Ctrl+0 to trigger the first, second to tenth user-defined Tool on the selected files.

Parameters like %_path% should be in quotation marks, so paths and filenames with spaces are passed properly. An example of this would be Parameter1 Parameter2 "%_path%"

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Example — Open files in Windows Explorer

Note: As of Mp3tag v3.12, use File → Open in Explorer or the context menu to open files in Windows File Explorer.

The following is preserved as an example for other file explorers like Total Commander.

e.g., Windows-Explorer

You need to enter the path to Explorer.exe here, usually located at C:\Windows\Explorer.exe.

The parameters of Windows Explorer are always seperated by comma and space,
e.g., /e, /select, "%_path%"

/e opens Windows Explorer in two columns. On the left is the directory tree, on the right the file view. Without this parameter, only the file view will be displayed.

/select marks the selected file. If there are several files selected in Mp3tag, only one of them will be marked.


Example — Play/Enqueue files in Winamp or foobar2000

The selected filenames should be enqueued in Winamp.

e.g. Enqueue in Winamp

You have to locate the path of the Winamp.exe file. E.g. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe

Parameters for Winamp:
/ADD "%_path%"

Parameters for foobar2000:
/add "%_filename_ext%"

And tick for all selected files.

Example — Web Search

Search web sites for informations about your artists or albums.

Name of the website, e.g., All Music or Google

You need to locate the path of the web-browser executable, e.g., "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe".

Now some examples:

Parameter for Artist search on$replace(%artist%, ,+)

Parameter for"$replace(%artist%, ,+,&,+)"

Parameter for Google Images:"$replace(%artist% %album%, ,+,&,'%26',?,'%3F')"

You can of course add many more websites and if you find something interesting, please post them.


Example — Folder Navigation

Here is a trick to improve the navigation a little. This will give you the possibility to double click on a file in Mp3tag and open it's folder in Mp3tag.

Browse folder

Please locate the path of your Mp3tag.exe


Finally you must select Browse folder as default program on double click.

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Example — Re-encode WAV using ffmpeg

Some WAV files have an invalid structure or extra junk bytes at some RIFF chunks so re-encoding the file might fix the problems.

You can use the excellent ffmpeg command line utility as a user-defined tool from within Mp3tag.


Please locate the path of your ffmpeg.exe

-i "%_filename_ext%" "%_folderpath%\%_filename%_out.wav"