MP3 Tag is stripping Metadata from the Tracks

Hi, I have been using MP3 Tag forever. But now for some unknown reason while the data like Track number, Title, Contributing Artist, Album etc are all present in the Windows file explorer, they don't show in the MP3 Interface, even the bitrate value is missing and the frequency value is missing until I select the tracks, but these are the only 2 values that become visible. It has worked fine until now.... I did try uninstalling the program and re-installing it but this made no difference. I am somewhat stumped as to why this is suddenly happening...

Please post a screen shot to show this. Have you tried to go to the enhanced info for any of these files to see if the tag field values are there?

Could you check

  • if you have APE tags in the files
  • the settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg for reading APE tags

I suspect that you have APE tags in the files which are not in sync with ID3Vx tags but as the display of APE tags has priority in MP3tag, you see only their contents.

If you read APE tags then switch that option off,re-read the files and see if the missing data returns

This is a strong indication that the files have been corrupted. Check them for integrity first.