Mp3 tags from files to mysql database

Hi guys..

I am writing jukdbox application .. i would like too

  1. scan all mp3 files
  2. Save all tag info int my databases

Is there a plugin or dll that i can reference the read id tag ..

If so plse can somebody tell me a way to foward..

Exampe for or c# would be great..

I want to also be able to detect bad files.. is there a way with this ..

So basicly i would read f

  1. file path.
  2. Id3 tags. Artists inf ect into a sql database table so i can performe sort by artist ect because so that i Dont have to read the tag everytime..

And to reduce i/o on slo drive or large folder


No, there are no plugins for Mp3tag.

You could try TagLib# (TagLib sharp):

Example code is available on the mentioned website.

You could use an export script to create an output to be imported to your database.

MP3tag is mainly concerned with the tag part of a file, not the audio part.
See here to check the files for errors:

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