MP3TAG 2.37a under Linux - WINE 0.9.33: error messages


I read /t/3230/1 where a poster tells us, that
mp3tag v2.35n
runs perfectly under
wine v0.9.12

I tried
mp3tag v2.37a
wine v0.9.33

I got some messages during the installation, where wine asked to download some files, I confirmed and wine downloaded the files.
But than the installation process stopps with the message "installation not complete".

In the console I get:

Is there anyone who knows what to do in such a case?
Because the poster in the other thread said that the installation goes perfectly I do not want to copy the mentioned file.

Trying to start I get:

I would be happy if someone could help me.


There are AFAIK 2 messages, once it wants to download gdi+ (or something like that), this is ok and the second one is Windows Media Player 9 runtime, and I got this log:

Extract: mt_trackwiz.png
Extract: mt_ttf.png
Extract: mt_undo.png
Output folder: c:\Program Files\Mp3tag
Created uninstaller: c:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tagUninstall.exe
Download failed: HTTP/1.1 403 ForbiddenIt seems that the download location changed over the time.

If you do not confirm the last download, installation completes successfully but you won't be able to edit wma files (this is actually what I always do, because I don't have any wma files).

The fixmes and other messages from wine say that some functions are not implemented yet, but mp3tag still works fine (ok autocomplete don't work and maybe some other small features neither, but there is nothing important)

Thanks for your hints. :slight_smile:

I'm completely new with Linux - and, therefore, WINE as well.
May I ask you about the right method?

Should I, before I reinstall, use the uninstaller or is it enough, when I just delete "~/.wine/drive_c/Programme/Mp3tag/".

I normally just run the installer when updating or reinstalling and never had problems with that, so I'd suggest to uninstall it or delete something only in case of problems.


I did it as you suggested.
It is true, the installer asked for two files. I confirmed the first (gdi+) and skipped the WMA.

Than it installed without error message.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

May be some day I find a way to integrate WMA, because I have a couple of albums in that format.