Mp3Tag.apk (2020)?

Congratulations Mp3Tag is the best I've seen so far. I like to tag my movies through Windows more, but I started using my smartphone more and missed Mp3Tag to tag my mp4 videos! would be very good a mobile version (.APK)

see e.g. here:

or here:

and a little on the side, not quite the same idea but the last post sums it up quite neatly:

Thank you! maybe the developer is thinking "Already wanting more" then I'll say yes! because such a good thing like Mp3Tag has to be in many places, but not just enough for smartphones it has to put the covers on mp4 videos just like the PC version.

Thanks for your interest. I'm currently not working on an Android version, but your vote is definitely counted.

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Parabéns! O Mp3Tag é um poderoso e completo software, espero que esse projeto continue sendo desenvolvido e tendo o Apoio necessário de Empresas parceiras para que possa crescer cada dia mais e não fique congelados​ na Internet como vários outros Projetos Incríveis.