MP3tag can't handle spaces in filename between file name and .mp3


I noticed that MP3tag will not allow filenames containing spaces between the end of the title and the .mp3 file extension to be processed. Please fix this, hopefully it is not too difficult.


How did you get the space in the filename? Did you try to rename the file with MP3tag functions or did you use the tools of the operating system.
I just renamed a file with the explorer to have a blank on front of the dot of .mp3 and MP3tag still reads the file.
So: what should be fixed?

There is an entry in the Change Log ...
[2010-03-13] REL: VERSION 2.46 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
[2010-03-10] FIX: blanks before extension part in file names were automatically removed at Replace actions for _FILENAME.

Points your discussion post to this fact?
If so, then there might be something to report relating to Mp3tag 2.46c.

The Return of the Bug -.-.--.=.`oo┬┤

Having a filebasename of "test .mp3" and using action "Replace" to replace the string part "test" with nothing, then the resulting filebasename from within Mp3tag is " .mp3" and so stored into the filesystem.

WinAmp can add this file to it's playlist.
The underlying filesystem (NTFS) can hold this filename, but the file cannot be accessed at the commandline, for example for renaming.
Windows explorer can rename this file, but removes automatically leading space characters.
Filerootnames with trailing space characters are always allowed.

Per definitionem it is not allowed to design a filename starting with a space character.
Therefore a filename like " .mp3" is an illegal filename.
Mp3tag should avoid to create such filename.