Mp3tag Columns Extraction

i like to extract some columns from mp3tag to an open office doc but for some reason i cannot do this. i'm no programmer so any help would be wonderful. these are the columns i like to extract artist / country.
Than You

Here is a thread that deals with the problem to export the field ARTIST

You only have to append the code with the variable name for country (which is no standard tag field).

Thanks for your reply. i read that thread but i do not understand programming. i can't highlight the fields and copy/paste. is there anoth way do to what i like?

I am afraid not. The only way to export tag data is either via the clipboard from one taggable file to the other or via text files.
And where did that thread say anything about highlighting?

Which field contains the country information?
What format should the resulting file be so that it can be read by the target application?

Thanks for the input. like a said i'm no programmer so for me this isn't an option. what i meant by highlight was i thought that mp3tag use to be able highlight a column and then export. now i see that can't be done. Again Thanks for you time.

can anyone give the code to create artist / POB (custom column) so i can try o create a csv to create a open doc spreadsheet for these two columns please.
Thank You

Create a new export and enter the following:

THANK YOU!! what does $filename(csv,utf-16) stand for and do?

ok i created a test csv but i don't understand or know how to get it to export artist / pob only.

I've shown you mine, so show me yours:
What does your code look like for the export?
What is the real name of the user defined field?
Where did you get stuck when following the description of how to create a new export script that I linked?

It sets the character encoding to utf-16 and the file extension to csv so that the default application for comma separated value files opens the file when double-clicking or viewing the result.

i finally got it correct but now on the spreadsheet they show up in one cell only. is there a way mp3tag can put artist in one column and pob in another without doing a c/p within the spreadsheet or creating individual csv. i'm trying to save time over 14,000 files is alot to do.
Thank You

You could try if the following works better (replace the old code line with one of the following suggestions):
(which uses the tab character as field separator)
(which uses the comma as field separator)

another question i like to replace the - to / in my filename how can this be done please. i would like to do this for multi tracks at once. Thank You

I think that this leads to an invalid filename as the / is not permitted.
(and which filename are we talking about?)

Thanks i got it figure out.

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