MP3tag Configurations

I've suggested this before, but I haven't seen any movement in this direction.

Please make it possible, perhaps through an initial 'splash window' that appears when launching mp3tag, to open a default configuration or one of several optional configurations that include everything, not just the column setup in the 'grid' to the right of the tag panel. I mean everything--action groups, the customizable portion of the tag panel, export setups, tag mapping if used, directory list and the default directory, etc., etc. Everything.

Different tasks performed by different users for different purposes when managing a common music library or even individual libraries of the same or different file formats, likely requires different 'instances' of mp3tag, although they need not run simultaneously on the same machine. It wouild also be helpful to be able to exchange these config (zip) files to other users to ensure consistency among them.

Seems to me like the easiest way to do this is to offer a choice of confiigurations, previously saved by the user or users, when launching the application. Once the application is launched, a menu choice of all of the available configurations could then be used to close the current setup and launch a new one.



Perhaps you can move into that direction yourself:
Install MP3tag once in a suitable directory on an external data storage.
Remove the external storage.
Uninstall MP3tag - this removes the registry entries and creates a portable version.
This portable version can no be copied for as many purposes as you like in separate folders.
If you create a suitable shortcuts (manually) and set the working directory accordingly then all the settings and other modifications will be stored in that path.
You still cannot run several instances at once and you will not get any automatism to have all the handy actions in every copy ... but perhaps it comes closer to your intentions than the current approach.

I more or less thought about finding a way to install it in more than one directory, but it's really a very clumsy way to do it. New configurations might be created on the fly while using a current one, and then saved. Now one has to find a way to create the new 'instance'. It's not like we have three or four 'static' setups that don't change in time.

There's not a real need to run more than one configuration at a time, but being able to create new ones and add them to the list of staratup/restart choices easily would be a huge benefit to us.

Thanks for your suggestion.