MP3Tag crashes when picking "Extended Tags..." with some files

The application is crashing when trying to view the Extended Tags window with some WavPack files, those same WV files have been previously edited with MP3Tag but upon re-opening them with the application some of them make MP3Tag crash without showing any error message. Please give me an email address if you need one of the files.

I'll look into it. Also no dump file created?

Ok, I don't know what is happening but now it doesn't make MP3Tag crash, I was ready to send the email but thought on trying a little more and now it opens the Extended Tags window without problems (I've tried 15 times and they all went without a crash). I'm still going to send you the email because it did make MP3Tag crash several times (sometimes crashed and other times it didn't) though it may be my own computer that is behaving weirdly judging by this and the other bug that we can't reproduce.

No dump file on the AppData directory.

Also no problems here with the example files.

Did you change the width of the Extended Tags window between the two times you checked it?
This might be related to a bug reported in the support forum.

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I think this is now fixed with Mp3tag v3.06d :slight_smile:

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