Mp3tag doesn't recognize a few tracks


Here's my problem: I have an album, whose ID3 tags are fully recognized by foobar2000. But when I open this very album in Mp3tag, a few tracks (in this case 3 of 16) are just not there. When I try to open the missing tracks separately, kind of nothing happens. What could be the reason for that? (I have already tried to fix the MP3 header in foobar but with no luck.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

"Kind of nothing"?? Seriously? What does that mean?

Do the files load into Mp3tag, but show no data within the tagging fields, or do the files fail to load at all?

The files fail to load.

Download MP3 Diags and scan the files to see if any problems show up.

The program will also fix any problems it finds.

The Mp3 Diags was not the answer, but foobar2000 was: if you hit on "Auto track number" for each album, the Mp3tag recognizes the missing tracks too. Thanks for the tip anyway.

This is very odd, I've never seen a missing tag field cause a file to fail to load into mp3tag. Nothing about the track number field should cause a file not to load into mp3tag active window.

I suspect there is a misunderstanding of the language here. "fail to load" means that mp3tag doesn't even show that there is a file at all (as opposed to showing the file, but showing certain tag fields blank).

edit: Maybe you had some sort of filter turned on in mp3tag related to album (and maybe the missing tracks were not considered part of album until you fixed the tags in foobar). People often get confused when they've accidentally turned on filtering in mp3tag and only see certain files as a result. So check that as well.