Mp3tag doesn't start

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When I open mp3tag, the app doesn't appear, although it's still visible in the task manager. The only thing that appears is the prompt for a new version update. After installing the latest version of mp3tag, starting the app does nothing at all.
I am running win10 with the latest update.

upd: mp3tag has suddenly started by itself about 40 minutes after I opened the app

Are you sure the window hasn’t been resized and moved to the edge of your screen? Or perhaps on another monitor if you have a multi screen setup? If it is in the taskbar it is running.

Yes, I'm positive. It's not in the taskbar, it's in the task manager.

upd: mp3tag has suddenly started normally by itself about 40 minutes after I last opened it

Where and how did you install MP3tag?
On a NAS? Portable? Standard? Under a different user-id than the one under which you run it?
Which antivirus program do you use?

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where and how

A long damn time ago, from here, standard, same user.
Running windows defender, tried adding mp3tag or its entire folder to exclusions, no change.

If this were a common problem, the forum would be full of such reports.
So you have to look locally what has changed in the meantime. I suspect that some process blocks vital files for MP3tag.
This could be the library, the cfg file, a temp folder, the folder that you set in MP3tag to be the default folder.
It could also be that the folder that you set to be opened, contains corrupt files.
But all of this can only be found out locally.

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Please also check if you find something in %APPDATA%\Mp3tagError.log

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I do not see among all of those posts that basic unlikely - but still a possible remedy: uninstall, reset system, install once again; and if still not working then try out different install path

I assume since there's no error log, then no errors have been logged

Mp3tag creates this file on every start. If you're using a portable installation the location would be in the program's directory.

I've also just noticed that I've missed Mp3tag's folder name in my initial post. It's


Due to missing feedback, I'm moving the topic to #bug-reports:no-bugs

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