Mp3tag for Mac beta released

For more than a year, I’m working almost daily on what is now the first public beta release of Mp3tag for Mac :partying_face:


If you’d like to take part in the beta test, just head over to and subscribe to the newsletter, where I share the latest download link and more


I'm still undecided on the business model of Mp3tag for Mac. For transparency reasons, I want you to know that it won't be released as Freeware. The beta version however is fully functional and free to use.


See for an overview of the current features.

I’m excited and I hope you’ll like it!


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Hallo Florian,
das macht mich nun echt glücklich, dass du eine Beta herausgebracht hast.
Und ich finde es richtig für deine Arbeit auch entsprechend entlohnt werden zu wollen.
Ich bin auf jeden Fall mit dabei.
Ich habe nun über 1 Jahr lang keine Systemerneuerung durchgeführt, nur damit ich die Wine Vers. nutzen konnte.
Aber jetzt kann ich dies nachholen.
Vielen Dank für die Energie die du für uns als Mac Anwender investierst um uns auch glücklich zu machen.
:star_struck: :smile:


Another happy camper here. Finally I don't have to endure that godawful crossover look anymore.

Awesome work on the UI, btw. Everything down to all the toolbar icons looks very professional and clean.
Now I personally only need Discogs support and then you have yourself a potential paying customer in the future...

Thank you and keep up the good work!

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@thedjslowhand geht mir genaugleich.

Ging mir genaugleich :laughing: :sweat_smile:


i think he know's that... and have lot of Experience about all the implementations he have to do because the blueprint is the windows version.
And to put all the neccessary things into the mac vers. it takes time.
for now i am happy to have a beta...
this could only be better :wink:


Kann das gut nachvollziehen!
Habe nur wegen MP3Tag eine virtuelle Maschine (Win 10) laufen, weil es DAS Programm überhaupt ist!

Funktionsumfang der Beta reicht mir persönlich bereits aus.
Lediglich die Cover Größenanpassung vermisse ich (noch) etwas.


I am so happy to have this new version of this wonderful program on Mac Os. No more having to use the Windows version with a remote desktop on my Mac. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks


Ist in der Beta 5 jetzt eingebaut :slight_smile:

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Du bist der Allergrößte überhaupt!!!
Also für mich ist das Programm nun schon perfekt!

Noch eine Woche an die neuen Symbole gewöhnen, und gut!

Vielen Dank für die geniale Arbeit!


Is working great and like the user friendly UI, though it's getting used to as a Windows user :slight_smile:

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Yes, it really is. But it's easy to get used to.

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Vielen Dank für die Mac-Version von MP3Tag :heart_eyes:
Ich nutze die Beta-Version regelmäßig. Die bisherigen Alternativen (Yate, Tagr, Meta) haben mir alle nicht zugesagt.

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Thank you! Mp3Tag is a great tool. For one-day-user, I am excited! Stable for batch processing thousands of files at once

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Considering the numerous hours and resources required to develop software (windows or mac), charging a reasonable amount makes sense. I purchased dBPowerAMP and continue to buy the upgrade as show of support; I'd do the same for MP3Tag (windows & mac).

Appreciate all the work you've done on both platforms to date.

Ich werde auf alle Fälle die Software kaufen, wenn es soweit ist.

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I'm a long time user from Hungary. :slightly_smiling_face:
Since Big Sur, Wine is not available I was stuck with mp3tagging, no alternatives can step into the footsteps of Mp3Tag!
I'm very pleased with the MAC beta version, however, I found the cover art box a bit (too?) big - in the Windows version, it's more suitable.

As for your concerns about price, here's how I think about buying software IN GENERAL.
When I see "subscription" options I almost immediately walk away, as I "smell" only money, not neccessarily costumer care. So, I prefer to pay a one time fee (and, if there's a major upgrade, another, reduced one.)
This rather psychology than being shabby.
The "reasonable" amount? I agree with "the one who wants everything, may lose it all".
There's a psychological limit, and for me it's around 20-30 EUR/USD. What is below that, "looks" - literally - reasonable and affordable, what is beyond, well, in that case I at least hesitate and calculate.

Hope that I helped to have a look into a costumer's mind, I and also hope that I wasn't offensive in any way. :nerd_face:

Keep up the good work!