Mp3tag for Mac is here!

Mp3tag for Mac is available on the Mac App Store


It’s been a long journey and I’m very grateful for your support, encouragement, and motivating feedback along the way. I vividly remember Mp3tag's anniversary in May 2020 when I’ve shared the first internal alpha version. It was very exciting! Since then, I’ve worked almost daily on what is now Mp3tag for Mac.

It would not have been possible without you. While Mp3tag for Mac is an all-new app, it builds upon the experience of 20+ years of development and support of its Windows companion. That is, including your feedback, your ideas for improvement, and your way of using Mp3tag.

Thank you wholeheartedly :orange_heart:

Also, many thanks to all the alpha and beta testers. It’s been marvelous to see how you’re using Mp3tag and what features you value most. Mp3tag for Mac is in very good shape also because of your helpful bug reports and feedback :pray:

One of the recurring themes in the feedback was, that many of you don’t look forward to adding another subscription to your repertoire. I’ve heard you and decided on a one-time license for Mp3tag for Mac.

If you’d like to try Mp3tag for Mac before buying it on the Mac App Store, I’ve created a free 7-day Trial version — it’s counting only days where you use the app.

And if you like to support the launch day and help to make this a success, you can do any or all of the following:

I hope you like Mp3tag for Mac and give it a spin!

Enjoy and take care
— Florian :orange_heart:


Our Community now also has a dedicated area for Mp3tag for Mac at #mac.

It comes with its own documentation at #mac:doc, a German-speaking area at #mac:de, and a category to coordinate the translation of Mp3tag for Mac to other languages at #mac:languages.

Looking forward to welcome many new members and fruitful discussion :slight_smile:

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und gekauft....
Super, vielen Dank.

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Ops....I did it...again...


3-2-1 meins :slight_smile:


(und noch keinen Fehler gefunden :wink: )


Überglücklich, der beste Kauf der Woche!


Congratulations on the release!


Ich habe im Appgefahren-Blog MP3Tag empfohlen (in den Kommentaren):

Dort gibt es die Frage nach der Kompatibilität zu der Die konnte ich nicht beantworten. @Florian vielleicht willst Du das tun?

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I just wanted to say that the mac app is beautiful, but more importantly the "Adjust Artwork" quick action tools are genius. it's simply the best feature in any mp3 utility program ever made. The amount of tedium you've now removed from my life in all the various methods I used to use to try and achieve the seemingly simple goal of square cover art in my mp3 library is immense. you'll never know how happy this feature made me. (please port it to the windows version also at some point). THANK YOU

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Just wanted to thank you all for your kind and motivating feedback on the launch!

It really made my day and I'm happy that it's "a thing" now :slight_smile:

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I have been craving for macOS version for over 10 years I switched over to mac from windows. I have been using Parallels and Windows therein only to run mp3Tag. Now that wait is over. Thanks so much Florian for the mac version. I just purchased it yesterday, and have been using it on Trial for couple of days. It's as good as the Windows version.

Thank you so much.

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Ah, that's just great :smiley:

Your kind and motivating feedback made my day! Happy to read your message and very much appreciate your support :pray:

Thank you!