Mp3tag turns 20

Mp3tag turns 20 :partying_face:

Do you remember what you did on May 24 2000?

I still remember the thrill and excitement I felt when I’ve uploaded the first official beta version of Mp3tag to the server of my uncle (where I had my own space for Mp3tag in the form of a subdirectory). The beeping sounds of the modem, the veeeery sloooow upload, and the uncertainty that came from putting something out in the world without knowing where it will go from there. Also the waiting. The waiting that — now that I finally did it — something magical and surprising would happen :rocket:

It’s hard to believe, but it’s this day 20 years ago that I’ve released the first beta version of Mp3tag. I usually don’t remember random dates in my life and it’s often not quite clear what ripple effects come from simple choices on any given day.

Speaking of which: I’m very grateful for all the people I got to know from literally around the world. All the hours of deep work and flow states I had while working on Mp3tag. All the refuge it provided me with when life got difficult. And the support I received from you over the years.
The magic and surprise eventually did happen and I feel that it’s a present in every direction.

:orange_heart: Happy Birthday!

I’m also constantly working on the macOS version of Mp3tag and I’m starting the alpha test today. It’s far from feature-complete, but you can bulk-edit metadata, rename files, and add cover-art. And it has a dark mode. I’m using it myself and if you want to join the group of early adopters, please join the Mp3tag for macOS Newsletter which shares the details.

It’s tough to not be able to throw a party given the current situation. However, I’m happy to be able to write to you and share the progress and this small birthday with you :pray:

As always, thank you for reading, your interest, and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian


Thank-you for the most useful program on my computer :slight_smile:


Happy "20TH" of birth day of the first public version of the original Mp3tag and I got a big present from Florian today. ^^

Greetings from South Korea


A thousand thank you's from the UK. Couldn't live without this magnificent piece of software!

Happy b'day!


Happy Birthday!
and thank you


Happy birthday! :star_struck:
We finally can drink :beer: :sake:. (in Japan)


Happy Birthday

Do you remember the URL of your first mp3tag upload?
Here's the snapshort of from Mar, 2000
WayBack Machine Mar,2000


Happy anniversary! :birthday:


Best wishes for that anniversary.
I know what it feels like to see one's baby grow up and mature - I've got a number of (real) children of my own.
I am always amazed about the versatility and flexibility - how could anyone get such a brilliant idea years before I even knew that I would need such a function?
I wish I had such a vision of things.
Over the years I have learned a lot about myself, about human error, about my own narrow-mindedness, string patterns and regular expressions - all with the help of MP3tag that had all features to help me.
So, yes, please, keep MP3tag as flexible as it is today, even though it may mean for the first time user that he has to go through a steep learning curve. The reward for the effort is that tasks that otherwise would have taken you days if not weeks can now be performed in minutes, all thanks to a program where the author allowed the users to share their ideas and like that to participate to make MP3tag the program is today - and that there is more to come.
I am looking forward to the next big anniversary.
Thank you.


Thank you @ohrenkino!

It's clear from this community that I'm not the sole inventor of those ideas. Many things that make Mp3tag as flexible as it is today, is in some way the distilled wisdom of this crowd here channeled through programming and UX, ever ongoing learning on saying yes and no and sticking to a project for a long time.

Thanks for all your valuable work you're doing here. And thanks to everyone who are supporting each other here. It's the best :slight_smile: :pray:


Yes, but unfortunately it's not archived.

It's from 2001-03-02, Mp3tag v1.00 was already released at this time.

You might enjoy this Twitter thread (it's from April last year):

And I remember saying to myself

All that tedious tag-naming that I am doing is a drag - and surely there has to be some hefty software that makes this a lot easier

And there it was: a link from a member of some music usenet group speaking highly on it about Mp3tag