Mp3tag for Mac v1.2 released

Mp3tag for Mac v1.2.0 released

I vividly remember this time around last year, where I was working day after day on getting the first alpha version of Mp3tag for Mac ready for release. A lot has happened since then and I’m very happy about how Mp3tag has been welcomed by the Mac community and all the conversations that sprung from it.

I also haven’t stopped since then :smiley: You’ve probably noticed that I’ve also released a few versions with bug fixes, minor changes, and small features over the past few weeks — including localizations to Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese done by awesome translators!

Today, I’ve released Mp3tag for Mac v1.2.0 and I want to take the opportunity to outline three of the main features for you:

Reading and Writing of M3U Playlists

Lots of you are using playlists to organize their music and this version adds support for both reading and writing playlists. I’ve also implemented different writing options that allow you to choose between normal vs. extended playlist format and absolute vs. relative paths for the file entries.

Exporting to Text and CSV Files

The new export feature allows for exporting the tags and other metadata using a customizable format. You can use a format string to describe what should be written for each file. The default uses CSV and you can easily change or extended it by using the familiar placeholders.

Filtering Files using Filter Expressions

Till now, the filter in the upper right corner of the Mp3tag toolbar only supported simple filtering. You’ve entered some text and the file list was reduced to the files that contained this text either in tags or the filename. This simple version still works unchanged. What’s new is, that you can now build filter expressions that target different fields, use regular expressions, or are based on a format string — the possibilities are endless. It was great fun writing the parser and the gazillion of automated tests! More on the filter syntax here.

One More Thing

Due to popular request, I’ve added a complementary distribution option for Mp3tag for Mac, which works with a license code completely independent of the Mac App Store.

If you’re not yet using Mp3tag for Mac, you can always get the 7-day trial version — only days you’re using the app are counted.

Thank you for reading, your interest, and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian


I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.2.1 with the following changes:


  • Added preferences setting to preserve modification date.
  • Added support for Polish localization.

Changed & Improved

  • Preserve file order when loading M3U playlists.
  • Double click on cover to display Quick Look preview.
  • Automatically select file if only one file is loaded.
  • Possibility to cancel at batch processing errors.
  • Improved filtering performance.
  • Keyboard shortcut to remove tags is now ⌥⌘⌫ because ⌘⌫ is usually used to delete text from start to cursor.


  • Crash at $rg2sc() scripting function.
  • Crash when filtering files with corrupt tag values.
  • ID3v2 cover art with descriptions containing umlauts or other special characters were not read correctly.

I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.2.2 with the following changes:


  • Added action groups and action categories to toolbar menu item.
  • Added action groups and action categories to main menu.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to jump between Tag Panel and File List.
  • Added option to rewrite tags also if no input has changed.
  • Added support for FLAC in MP4.

Changed & Improved

  • Preserve selection when filtering the file list.
  • Combined last used Tag Source and Tag Sources menu toolbar items.
  • Added special handling for ID3v2 comment descriptions were case needs to be preserved.
  • Changed keyboard shortcut for filtering the file list to ⌘F.


  • Previous selection was not restored correctly if file list is reloaded and file list changes.
  • Added workaround for crash on invalid JPEGs.

I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.2.3 with the following changes:

Changed & Improved

  • FLAC VorbisComment block is now always written before Picture block to increase compatibility.


  • Copy and paste metadata from files to other files via internal clipboard did not work reliably in rare cases.