Localizing Mp3tag for Mac

Want to Help Translate Mp3tag for Mac?

That's great! You can check #mac:languages for your language and show your interest via a reply to the language-specific topic. If your language is not yet listed, please leave a reply here and I'll create a new topic for your language.

How to Translate Mp3tag for Mac?

The translators of a specific language track the progress, discuss specific improvements or make corrections via the language-specific topic in #mac:languages.

For the actual translation, I've extracted all of the strings and uploaded them to the Crowdin Translation Platform, which offers helpful tools to manage the translation of Mp3tag for Mac.

Once you're added as a translator for your language at Crowdin, you can start translating untranslated strings, approve translations, and get notified if new strings are added to the project.

If the translation is complete and is cross-checked by at least one additional translator, I'll add it to the app and make it available with the next round of beta-testing.

One of the important parts of supporting a translation of Mp3tag for Mac is to keep things up to date. It's, thus, really recommended to work as a team of translators of one language, share the work, and improve things together.

I really like the idea of making Mp3tag for Mac available to many different countries in their native language. If you're interested to help, please don't hesitate to reply!

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Let's do it...in Italian :slight_smile:

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That's great! I've created the Italian localization topic for discussion around the translation to Italiano.

Simple Chinese Please

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I can help translate into Polish

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Excellent! I've created the Simplified Chinese localization topic for discussion around the translation to įŽ€åŒ–å­—.

That's great! I've sent you an invitation to join the project and created the Polish localization topic for discussion around the translation to Polski.

And I've also created the Czech localization topic.

Thank you!

I can help with the Russian translation.

Thank you! I've created the Russian localization topic and sent you an invitation to join the project.

Hi !

I want translate the app in French :slight_smile:


Thank you Mathieu!

I've just created the French localization topic and have already sent you can invitation.