Mp3tag goes to "not responding" after several dozen manual edits and saves, thus locking up and crashing Windows 10 Pro 64bit

mp3tag goes to "not responding" after several dozen manual edits and saves, thus locking up and crashing Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

Task manager cannot kill the task/program/app. I've tried 3 times now.

I cannot even perform a '"graceful" Shutdown.

I do not know what else to include in this program crash report...


Thanks for reporting! However, hard to tell what's the problem here. If you can pinpoint it to something that's reproducible, please let me know,


Thanks for getting back to me and taking the time to read about my mp3tag problem.

First of all, thank you for this very useful mp3 metadata application. It works well for as much or as little as I use it for. I have a problem with the September 25, 2021 version (3.10) of the program, the latest, I believe I’ll tell you all I know and can recreate.

If I can repeat it a 9th time in the future with more numbers and information, I’ll send you an example.

Here is more excruciating detail and what I know so far:

The directory I was editing had exactly had had exactly 500 mp3s in it. I was removing some attributes in the mp3 manually and after ~about~ I’d say 50 manual deletions of a particular ‘cell’, let us say “genre”. I saw that it saved by itself after each correction/deletion of a single metadata field. All was going as it used to until the following happened:

The mp3tag program would lock up solid with a “not responding” message on the top bar of the mp3tag program. A little blue circle would appear around the cursor when hovering over it. I tried to close it using, of course, the “X” in the upper right corner of the window. It still was locked up. I then did a control-alternate-delete to get the task manager up which I did. The task manager then showed me my running programs (read tasks); Microsoft Outlook was running, Windows File Manager was running, Firefox browser was running, Chrome browser was running, Opera browser was running, and finally Brave browser was working. All of these programs were working 100% correctly. mp3tag showed that it was running, but it showed that it was “not responding”. When I expanded it in Windows Task Manager, there was one task running underneath it also called mp3tag. At this point, I attempted to kill mp3tag from the Windows Task Manager. It would not kill the task.

Rebooting the PC was the only option I had now to kill mp3tag. So I went to the Microsoft Windows 10 Icon in the extreme lower-left corner of the screen and clicked it to get my Power Off options of “Shut down”,” Restart”, and “Sleep”. I chose “Shut Down” for a graceful “Shut Down”. The Laptop would then attempt a full Shut Down as it was told to do, but could not close mp3tag! I then told it to Force a Shut Down. It tried but could not continue, so I clicked “Shut Down Anyway”. It tried to Shut Down, but everything by that time was closed with apparently at this time. It said it was shutting down but after 60 seconds, it still stuck from your tenacious ‘little program that could.

I am running Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bit version 21H1 on a Dell G7 7588 Laptop PC with 16 GB of memory in it running on a 250GB SSD drive and a 1TB ’Spinning’ Hard drive for data purposes.

That is essentially EVERYTHING I know about the problem with the latest release of mp3tag. I hope something I’ve stated here will point you to the bug.

Thank you!

Bob Hurd

PS I hope that is enough detail because that’s absolutely everything I know and can repeat.

So you ran a fair bunch of programs at the same time?! Have you taken care that none of these programs tried to access the files that you modified with MP3tag which might have lead to a deadlock?

Also, I would check the following: if Windows does not end gracefully, then this may find its root cause in faulty hardware - so, are your connected drives ok? A check with crystaldiskinfo for hovering sectors would be nice plus a check of the filesystem integrity with chkdsk.

Are the files OK? Have you checked them with MP3diags? see here for a link:

Does this happen always with the same file or does it happen randomly? Or: is it reproduceable at all or was it just a single incident?
As MP3tag usually runs ok, it is very likely that you observed something local and so we have to find out what that was. And that can only be done by you, locally.


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