MP3TAG messing up with MP3 comments tag when editing

When i export any mp3 file with comments in it - works perfectly in any application / windows explorer.
but as soon as i edit any tag in MP3TAG it messess up my files - can't see comment tag in any application / windows explorer.
I have tried to change language but it didn't help.
I really don't want to re-export and re import all mp3 files just to fix my tags >.<

Here is a thread about

Could you tell us which of the steps (preferably all) you took and what the result was?

I just said:

  1. I exported any MP3 file with comment tag on it (works perfectly) [USING AUDACITY or FL Studio for example]
  2. I edit text in comment tag MP3TAG (fixing typo or something)
  3. Now my comment tag does not show up in WINDOWS 10 explorer (BLANK field)

Conclusion: editing comment value using MP3TAG makes windows explorer not see it.

There was an entire thread on issues with comments not too long ago.

When looking at the extended tag details, you will likely see in your files that there are multiple COMMENT fields being used. Have a look through this thread, and your files that are showing this issue.

I know what you said.
But that does not anwer what you did in respect to ...
... Mp3tag and Windows version
... which result you got when you checked problematic files for errors (with the linked tools)
Also, a screendump of the extended tags dialogue would be nice.

Esp. the use of Audacity is not the best way to tag files, see here:

or here:

Perhaps you could supply a file that does not behave the way that you want it.

Latest Mp3tag and windows 10 version.

I don't really know how to solve this problem.

You say that Audacity may be the problem and I should avoid using it to tag mp3 files?
...but i use it to export files and it used to work with windows explorer well until i edited tag with mp3 tag - is there way to make mp3tag work well with it or i should just stop using mp3tag (there's no way im gonna stop using audacity)

It should be possible for you to test the files with the linked tools

prior to tagging them with MP3tag.
This should show whether the files are ok after the treatment with Audacity.
And then we can see if there are any settings that you can modify in MP3tag to achieve the desired results.
If that is all too much, then please supply a fresh file untreated by MP3tag so that perhaps others can have a look and see what may be wrong.

Honestly, if your problem were a widespread one, the forum would be buzzing with such reports. And as from the distance no-one can look over your shoulder, we have to rely on your support.

Im sorry if that's wrong way to test but that's what show up after testing with MP3 tag.
It looks like test show up same result before or after editing tag in mp3tag.

Rather Mp3diags? MP3tag does not have a test feature.
Anyway: If it looks the same before and after tagging with MP3tag, then MP3tag probably has not messed up anything.
What have you set in File>Options>Tags>Mpeg? (A screendump would be enough)
What have you set in File>Options>Tags>Enhanced? (A screendump would be enough)
What does the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) look like for a tagged file?

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My bad there, it seems that my file had ID3V2.3.0 tag but after editing it with MP3TAG it happen to have ID3V2.3.0 (empty) + ID3V1 tag.
Changing MP3Tag to save in ID3V2.3.0 tags could fix the problem? Is it even possible?

Most likely. ID3V1 does not have a comment.
So, please:


its set to 'eng'

What does the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) look like for a tagged file?
In one file it's just one comment
In second file that was edited with MP3TAG there's 2 same comment tags.

Options>tags>Mpeg looks OK to me. That should create V2.3 tags (and comments).

One of the odd features of Audacity is that it likes to create duplicate fields (something that was also mentioned in the linked threads)
You can delete the duplicate COMMENT fields and see if that helps to display the info in the Windows Explorer.

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I mean there was one comment field when i exported it with audacity (ID3V2.3.0) but when i edited it with MP3TAG it had 2 comment fields ID3V2.3.0 and ID3V1 so it seems MP3TAG added second comment field.
Is there way i can disable saving tags with ID3V1 and use ID3V2.3.0 only like audacity does?

Uncheck the "Write ID3v1" checkbox.


Agree. I want only one ID3 tag in my mp3 files (ID3v2.3 UTF-16).

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I use Audacity all the time, when I rip vinyl. It does a great job, and can split the tracks quickly and easily. I would not give it up either.

But it is definitely not a great tool for tagging. At most I put in the artist and album info, and the track names when I create the splits. Once that is done, I open the tracks in mp3tag and use that for all of the actual tagging updates. No need for Audacity once the ripping and splitting is done.

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Maybe its not great tool for tagging but does job and so far it co-worked flawlessly with windows explorer, fl studio, serato and so on...
Doing extra work could mess with workflow when dealing with multiple files and that would take more time from my part - especially when exporting loops, samples etc.

I did that unfortunatelly it didn't solve problem - there's 2 same comment data in there, when editing data to just one it saves but then it does not show in windows explorer.

By default Audacity only supports a total of 7 fields. This can be changed, but clearly is a limiting factor.

It is your workflow, so that will dictate what is most important. But if you are looking for a more robust display of tag info, you will need to consider that. I can tell you from my own experience that it isn't Audacity's strength. No different than I wouldn't expect mp3tag to be my CD ripper.