Tag anomaly

Using mp3tagv2.73 with Windows 7 sp1 Home premium. When I edit a ID3.2 tag in Audacity and then view the tag with Mp3Tag, some of the fields (perhaps only the numeric ones like "Year", e.g.; 2015 show up as 2015\\2015. When I reopen the file in Audacity and other editors it displays correctly.

Have a look at these files in Mp3Tags extended tag-view. (ALT-t)
You probably have 2 year-tags.
You can solve this with an action "Remove duplicate fields".

The same happens while tagging with MediaMonkey.
[X] seltsame Anzeige im Jahr-Tag

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? It is a constant issue here and it takes a while to clean up 20K+ files.


Do you refer to MediaMonkey?
Just look for MediaMonkey.ini and add the following lines to the ini-file:

Yes I found that looking at a German Language post on this site. Thank god for Google translate :wink: many members of my extended family in Europe speak German (Swiss) but not I.

BTW, less than an hour to get a response. I like this forum!

Thank you for confirming what I subsequently found. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays...