MP3Tag not recognizing Android device

I have attached my Android Digital Audio Player (iBasso DX150) to my computer and set it to transfer files via the Settings screen. Windows recognizes it, File Explorer recognizes it, and I can transfer files from the computer to the player. When I try to use MP3Tag to edit files that are on the player, MP3Tag does not recognize the player.

Any ideas? I have double-checked, the player IS set to transfer files via the USB C cable rather than charging. It does work transferring files computer to player, so I know the connection is good. Is there a setting in MP3Tag I am missing?


Unless Windows recognizes and assigns this player as a drive, mp3tag will not see the directory.

See e.g. here:

Windows DOES see the player and I CAN transfer files from the computer to the device. It may be that it is seeing the player as a 'device' instead of a 'drive? The iBasso DX150 is running Android 8.1 if that makes a difference.

Does the device appear with a drive letter?
If not, then MP3tag cannot access the files.
Please see the already linked thread which discusses all the various connection modes.

I have a DX160, it follows the same process. File transfer through Windows is possible. But drive access to the files requires it to be mounted with an actual drive letter. This is what mp3tag needs, and why it cannot be done. Seems Android has long since removed the ability to do this easily in the name of security.

Well, thank you, Android! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
And thanks to you for your response.

Out of curiosity, why wait until the files are already on your portable device to edit with mp3tag? Is there something in your tags you want to show differently than what is on your main system?

I always edit tags on the computer before transferring them to the DAP. Sometimes I discover an error and would like to just edit it in the player. Specifically, a misspelled artist's name that covers all the tracks on a album. It would be easier to simply attach the DAP to the computer and edit, instead of dismounting the micro-SD card, removing it, finding the adapter for the micro SD card, putting it in the computer, opening MP3Tag, editing, ejecting the card, and then having the DAP rescan the contents of the card.

First world problems, I know.....

Perhaps straying off the original topic now, but can’t the player make a quick change like this? Of course you would still have to mirror this change to your main library, using mp3tag.

It can, but only one track at a time. So if I have an album, say, of Wagner's Die Walkure with the composer listed as Richard Wagner (thus alphabetizing it with the R's), I would have to change each individual track (30) letter by letter in the player, w/o a keyboard, to Wagner, Richard for them to show correctly with the other pieces by Wagner. Record producers are wildly inconsistent in their tagging practices, btw. I realize this is an Android problem, not an MP3Tag issue.

There are several 3rd party Android players that should be able to work on your DX150. Some have better tag editing capabilities than others. Nothing even close to mp3tag, but the Android OS and virtual keyboard does have its' limits.

I started a topic a while ago to help compare some of these mobile players, see here if you want to consider alternatives.

Thanks for the tip, I will check that out. I am currently using Poweramp, after I updated the 150 from the iBasso website, and installed Lurker's mod. i like Poweramp, mostly because of it's support of multiple tags for searching, and the parametric EQ.

I have Poweramp on my DX160 as well, and will be posting that review next. You will find that while much more technical in the build and UI, Neutron is much more aimed at what your DX150 can do. While on the other end of the scale, GoneMAD by far has the best UI and can batch edit.