MP3Tag not showing all mp3 files to tag

I have about 15 albums that I would like to tag. When I drag them across to MP3Tag, or by adding the directory, only 8 albums are loaded.

All 15 albums have the same structure i.e.


  • [Artist]
    -- [Album Title]
    --- [mp3s]

e.g. Music
- Jacaszek
-- Music For Film
--- 01 - Jacaszek - 49.mp3
--- 02 - Jacaszek - The Iron Bridge.mp3
--- 03 etc. etc.

Seven of the 15 albums are not loaded. When I drag them across individually or all together, there is a momentary flash, but nothing happes. The usual message showing "reading directory'does not appear.

I did a search and found someone else whom had the same issue, but their sollution doesn't apply to me. They stated that their filter was on. I definitely do not have my filter on.

Any suggestions will be most welcome.

For infor, I am using a Mac, and up til now have never had this problem. I am on MacOS High Sierra.


You can see in the status bar how many files are loaded and how many are displayed.
If there is a difference, then you most likely have applied a filter.
Press F3 to toggle the filter and see if this helps.

Thank you for your reply. I checked and there is definitely no filter active. I am trying to load 119 files in total, but only 51 appear in MP3tag. If I am looking at the right thing, it only shows the loaded ones i.e. 51.

this is where you should look:
This means: 313 Files are loaded but only 69 are displayed.
If you can really only load fewer files, then you have to look whether the extension is right or what the difference is between the loaded ones and the ones that don't load.

This is what shows on the status bar:
Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 18.19.35

As yu can see, only 51.

I don't know what is going on. I checked. All files are mp3s.

If you can load only this many files, then you have to look at your local environment with e.g. access rights and stuff.
I cannot look over your shoulder, so I have to rely on your observations. If you say that there is no difference between the files, then they should behave in the same way. If they don't ... you have to look for the differences.

What happens if you try to open a folder with the "Open folder" function from within MP3tag for files that otherwise do not appear in MP3tag?

ohrenkino: Thank you for your reply again. I appreciate it. I am still nowhere with a solution to this.

I don't have an "Open folde' option. This is what it looks like:
Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 17.53.17

I don't have a öpen folder"option under File. I tried to take a screenshot of it, but it didn't wprk.

I actually uninstalled and reinstalled MP3Tag, but it has made no difference.

See this function:


Yup, treid that too. It doesn't load the files.

I was looking more for something like an error message or some other hints what might be the cause.
What happens if you copy a file that you know will load into one of the folders that don't load and you try to load the unwilling one - does that single file appear?