[X] MP3Tag Not reading all mp3 files

While trying to import 17 mp3 files via from Foobar2000 or from the directories mp3tag will only display 3 out of the 17 files. I have check to confirm it is not due to long file/folder names. I have also tried to fix VBR Header and rebuild mp3 but the issue is the same


If you let me download one of your not listed songs, I could check it if this happens on another windows version and environment.

You can write the DL link in a PM or if you don't mind make it public here (usable for others too).

You could check how many files get loaded when you look at the status bar (unfortunately, this is not quite visible in the screendump): this tells you how many files are loaded and how many are displayed. It could then be that you have set (unvoluntarily) a filter.

Send me your email in a PM and I will WeTransfer them to you give you a couple that work and dont

Well don't I feel like an arse <_< , found out that my filter was on from my last search enhance why it was only showing the 3 was filtered for feat

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