Mp3tag on Mac OSX


I'm using CrossOver for Mac v6, and installation of Mp3tag 2.37a was easy as in Windows. It works very well. So now it's possible to use this great software on Mac also.

Here are some screenshots of Mp3tag under MacOSX.


P.S. Unfortunately there are the same problems as with WINE under Linux, because CrossOver is commercial version of WINE.


Another Mac OS X user told me, that Mp3tag works fine using the latest version of Parallels which offers a nice feature called Coherence.

Btw: what are the limitations and problems of Mp3tag running under Wine/CrossOver?

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Checkboxes under Action Groups don't work. Also Case Conversion in renaming files doesn't work well, but I think that is MacOS limitation, so I take few steps. First is to to apply custom Case Conversion, which changes case to all fields except filename. In second step I rename files in format that I don't use, for example %artist% - %title%, then in third I rename to format that I use. If the filenames aren't in format that I use (that's $num(%track%,2) - %title%) then second step isn't necessary.

For now, these are the only two problems that I run into, but they aren't to important considering that I can use this great software under Mac OSX.


P.S. I found one untranslated error message while accidentally trying to rename Action. Screenshot in attach.

Good news! :slight_smile:

I submitted few months ago Mp3tag to the CodeWeavers supported application list. Tonight I received reply from them:

This should work in "normal" Wine according to this post.

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P.S. Thanks for submitting Mp3tag to CodeWeavers :slight_smile:

They don't work in wine-0.9.31 and 0.9.32 too.


More good news! :slight_smile:

Today I recieved mail from CodeWeavers about new version of CrossOver. New version is 6.1. After upgrade, checking the checkboxes under Action Groups works.



i've been using mp3tag for a while and as i switched to OS X a few months ago i tried to find an alternative - there is none!

so i was working with boot camp and parallels, which works fine. but i would prefer to have crossover working (no windows licence needed).

i have tried the latest crossover (6.1) with mp3tag 2.38. crossover doesn't seem to accept the installer. @mrspock: what exactly did you do, to install mp3tag??

thanks for help in advance

PS: maybe, if the donation-pool would be high enough... would there be a chance for "mp3tag mac"?? :slight_smile:

I just run the installer downloaded from offical MP3TAG site,

It worked fine for me. It also worked OK with versions 2.36 and 2.37a with CrossOver 6.0.


Don't know what was different the other day, but now it installed just fine!

Things that don't work (maybe some things can be corrected by mp3tag's author?)
-selecting multiple tracks makes the selectboxes on the left select the first tag's info. there should be the general entry "keep info" (in german: "beibehalten"). all of a sudden 20mp3s had the same tag :frowning:
workaround: select "beibehalten" manually
hint: selecting ALL tracks (STRG-A) works correct!

i'll keep on investigating :wink:

is there a way to run scripts on Mac (like the pone script)?

Yes. Download the script, store it in a location as described in this thread:
OS X version ... settings, etc.

Hi to everybody, new member here.

I'm an early MP3Tag user on Windows. Tonight I tried installing on my MacBookPro the Wine version from the packaging I found on the site, since I was in an emergency and could only use this machine.

The software is running OK, but this didn't solve my problem. In fact, the files are in a mega-library on a network NAS, and I was unable to access the NAS from the intricate folder list that I get from inside the application.

The list is quite weird per se, I'm not too amazed from it anyhow since it comes from a combination of the Mac folder structure and the way Windows would visualise it. Fact is, that I couldn't find anything allowing a network connection to whatever shared device, as listed from the finder.

This is a great problem for me, since most of my work related to metadata is done directly to libraries residing on network devices.

Could anybody help me to find a solution?

Thank you in advance

Hi Stemenik,

thanks for your feedback!

Can you locate the network share from the NAS in the list of Volumes in Finder? If so, it might as well be listed under
Desktop > / > Volumes
in the directory chooser in Mp3tag running on OS X.

Kind regards
– Florian


I've been using mp3 tag on PC for a couple of years now, I also have it running in my macbook pro, what I'd like to know is it possible and if so how can I import the actions I've created on my PC version into my mac version? I've already exported the actions and copied them to a folder on my mac desktop but I just can;t find the mac equivalent of the C:\Users\Music Profiler 5\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\actions folder. Can anyone help?

see e.g. here: