Mp3tag (PC) versus Mp3tag (Mac) Configuration issue

We have standardized the creation of our radio station's digital music library operation using Windows PCs with metadata stored as a "database" in the Vorbis comments container of each file. The content of our digital music library is based on FLAC files that are tagged using Mp3tag installed on numerous PCs. Each PC is (ideally) running up-to-date versions of Mp3tag, each of which is configured identically to a "master" PC's version of Mp3tag. This is done by (hopefully) ensuring that each PC is kept up-to-date by regularly installing the latest Mp3tag configuration file generated from the Administrator's PC. This process works fine. HOWEVER, we are faced with the issue of allowing team members dedicated to the Apple environment to participate in this process. The BIG question is this: Is there any way to easily configure Mp3tag on an Apple computer using the "master" config file generated by the Administrator's PC so that those users can reliably create content for the digital music library. The fields and field content (values) must be identical, and of course the FLAC files generated by those users must be identical to the same files if they were processed on one of the PCs.

Wouldn't it be much easier to test that in your environment as you have the required setup?
I doubt that anyone else has the configuration that your team uses.

And from an outside look I would say that this won't work, even if the files are binary compatible, as at least file paths would be totally different in respect to syntax and valid characters.

Can the Windows version(s) of Mp3tag be installed on a Mac running in an environment resembling Windows? It's late at night here and I don't have time to go into details right away, but I'm under the impression that there are ways to simulate a Windows environment on Mac hardware. "Parallels" comes to mind.

All we're trying to do is configure Mp3tag to enable Mac users to add/remove metadata from the Vorbis comments container for a set of FLAC files comprising an album. The metadata takes the same format as any Vorbis comment; FIELDNAME=Value. I'm probably oversimplifying, but the while the workflow may be vastly different, the desired results are the same. An embedded copy of cover art is also required, in the same way we add cover art in Mp3tag for Windows. Nonstandard tags that might appear on a Mac version of Mp3tag need to be removed. Does this make any sense?

I would think that configuring "parallels" is just as complicated as setting up a master configuration in a pure Mac environment.
If you allow the luxury of two environments, the price is the duplication of the effort, I would say.
So your administrator would now have to maintain two configurations, one for Windows, one for Mac.

And to cut this a little short, here is a statement about the import of the windows configuration file:

... which underlines that probably the maintainance of 2 configuration files is much easier than other workarounds

I think I went through the whole procedure before with your colleague:

I'm afraid your questions are way over my head. I have no idea what you are referring to.

As an end-user, we "simply" want to be able to edit and/or add our custom Vorbis comment fields using the Tag Panel that looks like and performs the same operations in the Mac environment as it does in the PC version. At the same time, any other metadata (other than ISRC and UPC) that might have been in the source files should be removed.

We do not work with any of the lossy file formats. We process one album's worth of content at a time, working with the files that were either downloaded as WAV files or derived from CDs (preferred) that were ripped securely using dBpoweramp's CD-Ripper application.

Would it be helpful if I could post, attach or send PDF images of the Tag Panel settings on one of our PCs, along with a couple of PDF images of the Alt-T display that shows the metadata and cover art for an album's track for a fairly typical album?

It's obvious that I would rather not have to deal with using Mmp3tag on a Mac. Learning and maintaining two separate "Master" versions of Mp3tag appears to be an onerous task.

I’m afraid the differences between PC and Mac range from virtually similar to widely different. That is the nature of the beast when dealing with two completely different platforms.

The common factor here at least is the goal to use mp3tag to update these FLAC files. Since all platforms use the same metadata, and store it the same way within those files, this should not present a problem. However you may encounter issues if you intend to rename the directory structure at any point with both.

As far as setting up a “master” system to work from, you will have to create both a Windows and a Mac reference point. From each of these you should be able to replicate for any new users or systems. But they will not be identical.

I appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions. I've succumbed to the notion that the only way to do what I want is to purchase a Mac desktop setup and do as you and others have suggested. What are the minimum specifications for a decent iMac? Operating system, RAM, Vintage, etc.. I'm not interested in any form of laptop.

I thought the Mac version of "Mp3tag" was available in the Apple on-line store, but a search by that name did not find it. Does it have another name?

Get more information how to get MP3tag for mac:

Ah. yes. I now see where to get it. Are updates for Mp3tag For Mac as frequent as they are for the PC version, and are the updates free beyond the initial purchase price? If our Mac-inclined users are to participate in our digital library creation project, they will ask me about ongoing costs.

See here for Mac releases:

Please note that due to the differences in environment not all changes in one (e.g. Windows) effects the other one as well (e.g. Mac) to require an update in both.

This sounds like a rat's nest of potential problems, but that remains to be seen. Are upgrades free after the initial purchase? Are there periodic requirements to purchase a new top-level version when a major update is offered, e.g. v.1.95 to v.2.0.0? Are there quantity discounts for the Mac version of Mp3tag? Is each purchase a single-user license?

I've released Mp3tag for Mac in February 2021 and all updates were free updates since then. It's possible that a v2 is a paid update or something different, I'm currently not planning that far.

Nobody is forced to upgrade. If new features are worth the upgrade price, it's a simple decision.

Please contact me via email with concrete quantities if this is not merely a theoretical question.

Is each purchase a single-user license?

Every user can use their Mp3tag license on every Mac they own. I addition, I'm participating in Apple Family Sharing, where you can share your purchase of Mp3tag with all members of your iCloud family. Obviously, this doesn't apply to every member/participant of your radio station.