Mp3tag v2.88a released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.88

After having taken a deep dive in the bug reports section of the forums, I've fixed many, many long-lasting and not so old issues with this release. The list was quite long and I’m in the process of bringing it all up to date. You can review the many changes in the changelog.

With this new version, I’ve also realized three feature requests which were so old they already had a beard :slight_smile:

Using a modern, default font in the main window
This one makes Mp3tag look more beautiful on modern Windows systems. It also implies, that any system-wide font changes are also visible in Mp3tag now. The difference is very nice.

Addressing memory above 2GB on 64 bit systems
This one is huge for people with huge libraries. Mp3tag can now allocate up to 4GB of your RAM. That’s impressively much.

Displaying cover art dimensions in Mp3tag’s file view
You can now use %_cover_width% and %_cover_height% for width and height of the first embedded cover art. It’s also available in the filter, in the converters and everywhere else in Mp3tag.

:rocket: You can download the new version from

:orange_heart: And if you like Mp3tag and want to support my work, I’m happy about any contribution

As always, enjoy and take care
– Florian


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Given the current temperatures here, a hotfix release gets a completely new meaning :sweat_smile: :sunny:

Anyway, I've decided to release Mp3tag v2.88a, which fixes a few regressions that were reported shortly after the v2.88 release.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

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