Mp3tag v2.91 released


I've just released Mp3tag v2.91

With this release, I've implemented a long-awaited feature: the ability to copy individual fields via the extended tag dialog at Alt+T. Just select the relevant fields you want to copy, right-click and choose the appropriate entry from the popup menu.

Also, Tag-Panel fields have their default values back. Just better :slight_smile: You can now configure a default value that is set whenever you select multiple files directly via the field configuration at „Options > Tag Panel“. Double-click on the desired field and choose the default value.

I've also fixed a lot of issues that have been reported since the last release. See the long changelog below and definitely get the new version.

:rocket: You can download the new version from

:orange_heart: And if you like Mp3tag and want to support my work as an Indie Developer, I’m happy about any contribution

Have a good time and take care
— Florian

P.S.: Here is the complete list of changes for this release:

  • FIX: Discogs artist and albumartist were wrong for releases where albumartist consists of multiple artists. (#43641)
  • CHG: modified default file-view columns to display multiple values via $meta_sep(field,\\) on new installs. (#43651)
  • FIX: reverted fix for multiple occurrences of a mapped field with identical values were displayed as one. (#43607, #11432)
  • FIX: improved Tag-Panel scrolling behavior when docked horizontally. (#43560)
  • NEW: CDG files are now renamed with corresponding WMA files. (#43547)
  • FIX: CDG files were not renamed with corresponding MP3 files anymore (since v2.90e). (#43605)
  • FIX: tag source commands else and elseif were treated case-sensitive #43622
  • FIX: multiple occurrences of a mapped field with identical values were displayed as one. (#11432)
  • FIX: action replace with regular expressions combined two consecutive dollar signs to one. (#11970)
  • CHG: scripting language combined two consecutive dollar signs to one.
  • CHG: improved display of window caption for Tag Sources search-by dialog. (#43324)
  • CHG: extended number of actions possibly displayed in actions pop-up menu.
  • FIX: converter 'Filename - Filename' used new directory of previous file in sequence, even if no new directory was computed for current file. (#11568)
  • FIX: data in ID3v2 UFID frames was interpreted as UTF-8 in some cases. (#4062, #15567)
  • FIX: auto-complete for Tag-Panel fields failed in some special cases. (#9114)
  • CHG: improved handling of FLAC files with multiple METADATA_BLOCK_VORBIS_COMMENT blocks. (#9155, #10481, #43535)
  • CHG: improved writing performance for Opus files. (#43420)
  • CHG: renamed tag-panel field sizes to large, medium, and small. (#40873)
  • LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, and Turkish language files.
  • NEW: added default value configuration for Tag Panel fields that is used when multiple files are selected.
  • CHG: MP4 desc atom is now mapped to DESCRIPTION instead of SUBTITLE to improve compatibility with other software. (#43507)
  • FIX: files and directories passed via command line to an existing instance were always added. (#43407)
  • CHG: non-audio files are now ignored from tag writing processes. (#43487)
  • FIX: files without extension were added to file list if loaded via drag'n'drop or command line. (#19223, #43480)
  • FIX: icons for non-audio files used audio-file icon in file list. (#43480)
  • FIX: auto-numbering wizard did not use given total count of tracks to determine number of leading zeros. (#43120)
  • FIX: configuration file was not written in some cases if the session was ended through Windows. (#42287, #42331, #42800)
  • FIX: field MOVEMENTTOTAL was written at subtrack level and is now written at the parent track level for Matroska.
  • NEW: added copy, cut and paste for individual fields to extended tag dialog. (#19495, #40816, #41151)
  • FIX: tag sources framework function 'json_select_array' did not convert UTF-8 encoded data correctly. (#43228)
  • CHG: various UI color changes for improved usability under Windows high-contrast mode and dark themes.
  • CHG: improved command line parser so that multiple file paths and folder paths are now supported.
  • FIX: MusicBrainz tag source omitted joinphrases for featuring artists. (#43073)
  • CHG: improved sorting behavior at list of user-defined tools. (#43054)
  • FIX: status bar and tag panel lists showed data from previous selection in some cases. (#43035)

Copy individual fields adds field on paste instead of replacing
Can I add a new default for "Album Artist"
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