Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021

Today, I’m writing to thank you for being part of the Mp3tag community!

2020 was truly special for Mp3tag :slight_smile:

I’ve released v3.00 in January — after more than 100 final releases since v2.00 (released in 2002). Also, Mp3tag had its 20th anniversary in May and I celebrated this with many of you via a virtual email party while most of us were in lockdown.

Over the 5 versions of Mp3tag released in 2020, my favorite new features and improvements are the action "Adjust cover" to resize cover art, the revamped action groups dialog, and the performance improvements for MP3 and MP4 file reading. I’ve just counted: 2020 brought a total of 25+ new features, 25+ changes and improvements, and 35+ fixed issues.

I’m also very grateful for all of you who supported me and my project with a donation (or even multiple donations or as Sustaining Patron!). This year has brought some extra challenges for independent creators (and many others!) and it wouldn’t have been possible to do it without your support. It's awesome that you’re caring and it feels very good to be part of this larger community! Thank you whole-heartedly. :orange_heart: Your support matters.

I’ve also released the first alpha version of what is now Mp3tag for Mac back in May and worked on it almost daily this year. In early December, I’ve released the first public beta version and invited everyone on the Mac newsletter to be part of the beta phase. If you’re interested and have a Mac, please give it a try.

I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a healthy and inspiring New Year 2021. :christmas_tree::sparkles:

Enjoy and take care
— Florian


Thank you Florian and all the Mp3tag community.
I had a lot of fun this past year here.

Stay safe friends.


Thank you Florian for your tireless work on this wonderful program.

Everyone stay healthy and take care of yourself.
Hopefully a better 2021!