Mp3tagTmpFile couldn't be moved

I am running into an issue while using the latest beta. When renaming files I will randomly get:

“Mp3tagTmpFile-Z8fF2z” couldn’t be moved to “Believe (2003)” because either the former doesn’t exist, or the folder containing the latter doesn’t exist.

It's not clear where the MpsTagTmpFile-Z8fF2z is coming from. It seems to replace the filename with that only inside mp3tag. Both the actual file and the directory exist as it's already renamed other songs in the album. To fix this I have to remove the album and re-add it then run rename again.


Hello and welcome!

This is interesting but probably very hard to pin down (because of the "randomly" part in your report).

I'm interested in some additional information (if it's available to you):

  • Are the files located on your local hard drive, an external drive, or network storage? If you're operating on a NAS, I'm interested in the brand and model number.
  • With which file types, e.g., MP3 or MP4, do you observe the issue?
  • What are the actions you've typically performed before the issue occurs?
  • Du you see the temporary file name also in the Filename column of the file list?


  1. Network mount, Synology DS918.
  2. MP4
  3. Rename, edit metadata or run actions.
  4. Yes.

Thanks for the details. One question I forgot asking: which version of macOS are you using?

Also, how often is randomly? Can you observe it with some kind of regularity?

  1. 11.2

Also, this is over a wireless connection. Going to try this on my wired iMac but I've got to transfer all my settings from the laptop mp3tag to the iMac mp3tag. Ever consider adding iCloud sync'ing of the mp3tag config? :smile:

Thanks for the help.

Thanks! I'll look further into that.

It'll most likely don't show the behavior on your local system — my guess is that it's something related to the file system on the NAS that reports changes in an unexpected way.

iCloud sync of settings is not planned at the moment, but you can export and re-import as explained here.

Even over a wired connection with all the same parameters the issue remains. Out of 576 songs to be processed 5 had issues. I had to remove and re-add them and then process them again.

I've just released Beta 11 with a potential fix. Can you retry?

The issue is fixed. Thank you!!

:raised_hands: That's very good news :smiley:

Thanks again for reporting and for confirming the fix!

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